90 Day Fiancé recap: Opinions sound like judgment during Part 1 of the spicy Tell All

Cast members from Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance
The Tell All had some very spicy moments as most of the couples didn’t hold back. Pic credit: TLC

During Part 1 of the emotional and fiery Tell All there were plenty of accusations, fights over plastic surgery, and awkward questions and answers that put some in the doghouse.

Host, Shaun Robinson, asked all of the questions that ‘went there’ and viewers really wanted to know during the two-hour event.

Some of the cast tried to be evasive with some of the questions but offered some shocking revelations in the end.

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Most of the couples came prepared from the drama but realized they were in over their heads when they were asked questions they weren’t expecting.

The Tell All’s are known for their explosive and confrontational nature and Part 1 of this Tell All was no different.

There were many OMG moments during the Tell All

When pressed about their living situation, Brandon and Julia, who are still living with Brandon’s parents, revealed something that changed people’s opinion on Julia.

Brandon said that he would get them an apartment before Julia arrived, but Julia declined his offer, claiming that the apartments he could afford were below her standards.

This led castmates to accuse her of tricking viewers because she rode the ‘poor girl’ wave during the show when she actually declined the alternative to living with Brandon’s parents.

Julia and Brandon from 90 Day Fiance
Julia was in the hot seat for making people feel bad for her. Pic credit: TLC

Rebecca and her daughter, Tiffany, pointedly went back and forth about whether Tiffany’s friend at the dinner was hitting on Zied. In the end, they had to agree to disagree.

Shaun asked who has had plastic surgery, and Rebecca asserted that she has had laser lipo and lip injections. Yara surprised everyone by admitting that she has had a nose job and her lips done. Natalie said that she had her lips done.

Julia disagreed with the idea of getting plastic surgery and told them all to go to the gym and be okay with their bodies. Yara called her out for her abrasive tone coming off as judgment, and the other cast members did not like it either.

Yara from 90 Day Fiance
Julia and Yara got in a verbal spat about plastic surgery. Pic credit: TLC

Shaun also interviewed Mike’s neighbor Tamara and his Mom, Trish. In a shocking reveal, Tamara said that Trish asked her to object at the wedding, but Tamara refused.

Trish said that all Mike and Natalie do is fight and that their relationship is a mess and a total disaster. The rest of the cast was divided on whether it was appropriate for Trish to ask Tamara to object.

Trish also called Mike out for calling her a few days before the wedding to tell her he was calling it off, which Mike tried to deny doing.

A few of the 90 Day Fiancé couples are on the rocks

Mike and Natalie arrived separately, and Natalie arrived without her wedding ring. When asked why he canceled the wedding the way he did, Mike said that he just wasn’t ready that day, and the night before, Natalie accused him of cheating on her again, which pushed him over the edge.

Mike, Natalie and Shaun Robinson from 90 Day Fiance
Mike and Natalie aired a lot of problems during the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Hazel and Tarik appeared on a split screen and revealed they were interviewing from separate bedrooms. Tarik said that their situation has been dicey but that they didn’t appear in person because of a COVID-19 scare, but he also said they were in different bedrooms so Hazel wouldn’t whack him during their segment.

Viewers were left to wonder if there is more going on than just a COVID-19 scare. Fans will learn more about this situation during Part 2 of the Tell All next week.

Amira said that she would only do the interview if Andrew was not present, so the producers asked Andrew to leave while she on camera, which Andrew refused to do and was trying to leave the Tell All altogether.

One couple is thriving

New parents, Jovi and Yara, said that the toughest thing about parenthood was the road getting there. The only hot water that Jovi was in during the Tell All was when Yara watched the bachelor party scene which she had never seen before.

Jovi apologized for his actions and said that he is more compassionate now and Yara forgave him.

The major thing making Yara sad was that her mom has not been able to get a visa and missed both the wedding and meeting their daughter.

Jovi and Yara will be appearing on Happily Ever After this upcoming season where viewers will get to see more of their issues and life in general.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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