90 Day Fiance’s Tarik Myers files for bankruptcy, and it’s not the first time

90 Days Tarik Myers is in financial trouble with his latest bankruptcy filing. Pic credit: TLC

The self-proclaimed black Anthony Bordain, and 90 Day Fiance’s newest wannabe rapper, Tarik Myers, has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The reality star is not new to the bankruptcy process, as this is his third time around. He filed previously in 2008 and 2009; and in his latest filing — made on January 19, 2021— he is claiming $475,000 in liabilities.

Tarik’s financial troubles have been not been featured on the show but, according to the filing, it seems that his off-camera life is catching up with him.

Of the little less than half a million he owes, a massive $124,000 of that is from unpaid state and federal taxes, signaling that his financial troubles have been building over time. As a result of the filing, Tarik has also had his Saturn car repossessed, although he apparently still owns a few old cars deemed inoperable.

Tarik lists his occupation as a hood exhaust tech, and says he makes $1,400 a month in “other income” from TV show payments. It is noted in the filing that he made over $17,000 from Sharp Entertainment, which is the 90 Day Fiance production company, between June and December 2020.

Financial information is required on the form about Tarik’s new wife, Hazel, to which he put her income as zero for all those questions. Hazel also has a stepson, Harry, in the Philippines, to who Tarik claimed he sends a monthly support payment to — although he was incorrectly described on the form as a “son-in-law”.

Property exemptions, which are possessions Tarik can keep after bankruptcy, were made on the filing too. These items included the ownership of a song titled “God Bliss Woman”, valued at $25, $800 worth of apparel and costume jewelry, a handgun, $150 worth of wall art, and two gold necklaces with a combined value of $900.

There was also a “Foreclosure/Trustees Sale” posting for Tarik’s home in November, however that listing has since been removed.

Why file three times?

How can someone file two years in a row you might be wondering? Well, it looks like Tarik made a mistake when filling in 2009, since he already had opened a Chapter 13 case in 2008. It was revealed that he made the 2009 filing to halt a foreclosure. The judge ended up dismissing the 2009 filing because the previous one was still open, and the 2008 filing was changed to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim which was approved in November of 2009.

For some background on bankruptcy, the most common type is Chapter 7. In Chapter 7, if approved, all debts will be discharged or erased. In Tarik’s case, all his debts were forgiven back in 2009. However, in Chapter 13, the debtor settles to pay back the debt for a determined amount in a set amount of time.

This option prevents any homes in foreclosure from being foreclosed on and allows the debtor to continue paying the mortgage, even if they are behind. This could be why the foreclosure listing for his home was removed.

Tarik recording music in the studio — but his filing reveals he isn’t making any money from music. Pic credit: TLC

What happens now for Tarik?

Tarik’s reputation is at stake as fans on Reddit are calling him deadbeat who uses the system to get out of trouble. Having multiple bankruptcies on your credit history is not good and will affect how he handles his finances and ability to borrow money in the future.

Tarik’s bankruptcy case is still ongoing, and to make matters worse the bank that holds the trust deed filed an objection. They claim that “the proposed Plan does not set forth a reasonable schedule and time period for payment of arrearages on the deed of trust.”

Tarik met Filipina Hazel online and proposed to her on Before the 90 Days. On this season’s 90 Day Fiance, we follow the pair as they get ready for marriage in America. From Hazel coming out as bisexual and the two beginning and ending a thrupple relationship with a Thai girl, to the sadness Hazel feels after leaving her son in the Philippines, they make their presence known this season.

Another 90 Day star who has filed for bankruptcy is Big Ed Brown of Before the 90 Days, who filed in both 2004 and 2017. Both of Big Ed’s bankruptcies were approved by the court, however it is unclear whether he is still in financial trouble today.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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