8 cast members from 90 Day Fiance who have questionable parenting skills

Deavan, Robert, and Larissa
Some of the cast of 90 Day Fiance who have children have made some questionable life choices that could be seen as toxic to their kids Pic credit; TLC

Some of the parents to come across the screens of 90 Day Fiance have some very toxic traits and have done things that do not set a good example for their children.

The choices made by some 90 Day Fiance parents have been questionable and perhaps not the best decisions considering they have a child to worry about.

Whether it’s abandonment, exhibiting loose morals, taking part in racy content, or manipulating their children against another parent, these 8 90 Day Fiance parents have questionable parenting skills.

Children need stability, love, attention, and support, and when any of these things are lacking it can create an environment of turbulence which could lead to emotional issues for the child. The parents on this list are all guilty of neglecting at least one of these core things that children need in order to be successful.

To earn a spot on this list, these parents have either set bad examples for their children or made selfish choices that could be detrimental to the well-being of their children.

1. Deavan Clegg

Deavan Clegg
Deavan’s decision to abandon her husband in South Korea and take their son back to America has not been received well by 90 Day Fiance fans Pic credit: TLC

Deavan already had one daughter, Drascilla, with a man who is no longer in the picture when she met South Korean, Jihoon. A few weeks after their first meeting in America, Deavan found out she was pregnant and the pair started making plans for her to move to South Korea to get married and have their son, Taeyang.

Upon his birth, they had many marital issues over finances, her lack of trust, and their cultural differences. Then when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she decided to take Taeyang and Drascilla back to the United States claiming she would return to South Korea after a month. She then started dating her new man, Topher Park, instead of going back to her husband.

Since then, she has hurled a slew of unfounded, but disturbing, allegations against Jihoon that many think is just another one of her tactics to keep him away from his son. Many 90 Day Fiance fans feel like if she had her way, Taeyang would never see his dad again.

2. Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima
Larissa left her two kids by two different men in Brazil and has focused on dating and plastic surgery Pic credit: TLC

Larissa has two kids with two different men in Brazil and she abandoned both of them to come to America to live out her dreams. She first tried out that dream with her ex-husband Colt, but that relationship ended when Larissa’s volatile behavior led to three domestic violence cases with her as the perpetrator.

She has desperately been trying to stay in America on her own despite not seeing her children in years. Her immigration status is currently up in the air, and she is trying to stay out of trouble. She also abandoned 2 cats with Colt, only to adopt two more that she probably won’t keep if she is deported.

Larissa has also been focused on her X-rated adult content on her OnlyFans, and getting many plastic surgeries to look like a Barbie doll, instead of trying to set her children up with a nice life.

The mess of toxic and violent behavior that follows Larissa is appalling, and when her kids are able to see her for what she is one day, it could really mess them up.

There are people who believe that Larissa is doing her kids a favor by leaving them to be raised by people who actually love and care about them instead of dragging them through a toxic life.

3. Darcey Silva

Darcey Silva
Darcey has dragged her two girls through her desperate attempts at finding love Pic credit: TLC

In Darcey’s desperate and public attempts to find love, she has continuously brought strange men around her two teenage daughters.

She also continues to put her relationship with men first, as evidenced by her decision to go to Amsterdam for two months to meet her ex-boyfriend Jesse, her choice to leave them for a month to go to England and be with her other ex-boyfriend Tom, and her decision to abandon her daughters during the start of the pandemic to go into quarantine with her married boy toy Georgie Rusev.

It is apparent that Darcey does love her kids, but she doesn’t realize how her absence and bad example could be affecting them.

Darcey also projects her insecurity by getting a ton of plastic surgery to feel better about herself. She is very materialistic and her daughters see that too.

4. Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins
Molly’s tolerance of bad and inappropriate behavior from her ex-husband was hard for her two children to go through. Pic credit: TLC

Molly brought a random young cabana boy she met while on vacation in the Dominican Republic to the United States to live in her house with her two daughters, and one of them has special needs.

Molly’s ex-husband Luis was a lazy, creepy, and toxic man, and Molly just let him be around her kids regardless. Luis asked her 17-year-old daughter a sexually inappropriate question about whether or not she has sex with her boyfriend and Molly did nothing about it.

Her younger daughter with a learning disability said she didn’t like Luis, but Molly still left her alone with him. She also got married to Luis behind her children’s back and never asked if they were okay with the marriage.

Molly finally got the sense to kick Luis out only to invite him back a short time later and then kick him out again for exhibiting all his same bad traits.

She severely damaged her relationship with her oldest daughter. It got so bad that they got into a physical altercation.

Now she has a new boyfriend that she met on the internet and has introduced him to both her kids as if she didn’t learn her lesson.

5. Robert Springer

Robert Springer
Robert had 5 children with who he had little contact Pic credit: TLC

Robert had five children with four different baby mamas before he met his Domincan wife Anny. He only has physical custody of his son Bryson, and has said he does not communicate much with his other children.

Anny and Robert got pregnant and had a daughter after getting married and they are now expecting another child. That will make Robert a father to seven children with five different baby mamas.

If anything, that track record is unhealthy, and his attempts to brush off his first four kids as being a consequence of his “player” behavior are abhorrent.

Simply having a child does not make you a father, it is the effort and love you put into your child that makes you a dad, and Robert has shown that he is a terrible father.

6. Nicole Nafzinger

Nicole Nafzinger
Nicole made her daughter call Azan, Dad and confused her by dragging her back and forth to Morocco Pic credit: TLC

Nicole had her daughter May with a man who did not stay in her life. She moved on to desperately try to make a relationship work with her ex-boyfriend Azan to the detriment and confusion of her daughter.

It’s not that Azan was a bad guy or didn’t care for May, both of those notions are false. The point is that Nicole blindly led her very impressionable young daughter on a selfish back and forth and fruitless journey to Morocco to chase a man she couldn’t make it work with.

Nicole’s own toxic and immature behavior was on full display during 90 Day Fiance. If her toxic traits when dealing with the man she loved are anything like the traits she uses to raise her daughter, then her daughter is in serious trouble.

Her unhealthy physical nature and unwillingness to prioritize her daughter are red flags and definitely aren’t the qualities of a good parent who wants to take care of themselves and their child.

7. Angela Deem

Angela Deem
Angela not only smokes indoors around her grandchildren but also raised a daughter who is a convicted child molester Pic credit: TLC

Angela’s vulgar and obnoxious personality coupled with her toxic and volatile behavior does not make her a good role model for the six grandchildren she raises.

She smokes indoors in front of them and carries on with her foul mouth with no regard for their health or reaction to what she is saying.

Angela also raised two daughters of her own and one of them, Scottie, ended up being convicted of child molestation. Angela also appeared on The Maury Povich Show twice in 2015 over a messy paternity test.

8. Ashley Marston

Ashley Marston
Ashley does not have primary custody of her kids and put her relationship and need for fame before them Pic credit: TLC

Ashley likes to paint the picture for the cameras that she is a hard-working single mom but she doesn’t actually have primary custody of her kids.

She also decided to bring her 22-year-old Jamaican boy she met on vacation over to the United States to marry him and build a life despite not knowing each other well at all, which is not a good example to set for her kids when they are in her custody.

On top of that, she moved her ex-husband Jay in and out of her kids lives, letting them get attached to him and then ripping him away several times amid their many breakups.

Ashley tolerated a lot of bad behavior from Jay, which could be a bad lesson she passes on to kids about how much emotional abuse they should tolerate.

Based on this list, it’s clear there are several cast members from 90 Day Fiance who have questionable parenting skills.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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