90 Day Fiance’s Larissa Lima got a new kitten despite abandoning two other cats with Colt Johnson

Larissa 90 Day Fiance
Larissa adopted a new kitten despite having left two cats with her ex Colt. Pic credit: TLC

Larissa from 90 Day Fiance posted the news to her Instagram story that she was driving an hour and a half to pick up a kitten from a farm. She posted a photo of the kitten once she brought it home and told her fans she named it “Channel,” which she might have meant to spell “Chanel” since the cat was pictured on top of a Chanel book.

This is not Larissa’s first cat, however. She got a cat named Mapa with her on and off again boyfriend Eric Nichols and frequently features the cat in her posts and stories.

Larissa got her first cat in America, Callie, while she was with her ex from 90 Day Fiance, Colt. The pair also got a kitten together which they named Smoky. Larissa abandoned both cats when she broke up with Colt, leaving him with a total of six cats.

Will Larissa keep this newest cat?

While it does appear that Larissa loves her current cat, Mapa, and seems very fond of this new kitten Chanel, she does not have a good track record when it comes to keeping animals.

Larissa does not have her green card and is still waiting to hear if she will be deported because of her 3 arrests for domestic violence. Currently, if she leaves the country, she most likely will not be able to re-enter the US because of her criminal record and lack of a visa.

Colt revoked his petition for a Green Card, and her relationship with Eric is rocky at best, so getting residency approved through marriage does not look likely.

If she were to be deported, which could still happen, it is unclear if she would take her new cats or abandon them like the last ones.

Larissa's new kitten
Fans hope that Larissa will not abandon her new cats like she did her last two. Pic credit: @larissalimareal/Instagram

Larissa talks about wanting to travel and to go back to Brazil

Under Larissa’s present visa circumstances, she cannot travel out of the US, although she desires to travel with Eric. On top of that, she wants to visit her home country of Brazil.

Larissa has two children back in Brazil that she has not seen in years, so seeing them could be motive enough to leave the US behind.

Larissa was fired from TLC for appearing in live cam shows but continues to make a career out of her OnlyFans.

She has also been focused on getting many plastic surgeries to make herself look the way she wants.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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