One Chicago TV schedule: A look at the Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. episodes this week

April Sexton Rescue Chicago Med
It’s April Sexton to the rescue on Chicago Med Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. air on Wednesday nights this week, with NBC showing some episodes from this past season.

Each of the One Chicago shows is presenting an episode from earlier in the season, giving fans a chance to possibly view episodes they missed.

The downside is that these episodes didn’t all air during the same week when they debuted, but each of them originally aired at some point during March of 2021.

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Below is a breakdown of what each episode covers, with NBC reshowing them on the night of Wednesday, June 9, beginning at 8/7c.

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 10

This episode of Chicago Med is called So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried and it originally aired on March 31. Some of the topics that were covered in the episode were Marcel and Natalie revealing that they were dating, Halstead and Choi clashing over how to treat a pregnant patient, and April saving a life at a construction site.

There was a lot of interpersonal drama within the episode, but it was also a chance for April to really show what she could do on the job. It’s something that opened the door to April Sexton leaving Chicago Med as the season ended.

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 8

Originally airing on March 10, this episode of Chicago Fire is called Escape Route. As fans of the show will recall, this was the episode where Herrmann prepared to go on vacation, leading to Firehouse 51 taking on a replacement. That replacement turned out to be Grainger, who was still dating Sylvie Brett at the time.

Other components of this Chicago Fire episode include Severide getting a call to a familiar location and Casey not being pleased with Grainger spending time in his firehouse. Luckily for Grainger, he was able to prove himself on the job. It also allowed actor Jon Ecker to get more scenes.

Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 8

This is a very memorable episode from Chicago P.D. that is called Protect and Serve. It debuted on March 10 and it required Ruzek and Atwater to arrest a police officer who had been involved in a high-profile shooting. There was a lot of drama as they attempted to transport him back to the station, including between Ruzek and Atwater as they debated the shooting of an unarmed man.

Within the episode, we also got to see the evolution of Andre Cooper, who became a new member of the Chicago P.D. cast for a short time.

Looking ahead for all three shows, NBC has ordered new episodes that will debut in the fall of 2021. This will be Chicago Med Season 7, Chicago Fire Season 10, and Chicago P.D. Season 9, showing the continued success that the Chicago-based shows find on Wednesday nights.

And in regard to the shows returning, the Chicago Fire showrunner hinted at a huge crossover event that is planned for 2021. Episodes where characters from all three shows are involved always tend to be exciting for the fans.

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. air Wednesdays beginning at 8/7c on NBC.

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