Chicago Med recap: Halstead and Choi clash, April saves a life

April Sexton On Chicago Med
Yaya DaCosta plays April Sexton on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

A new Chicago Med episode aired on Wednesday night that was called So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried.

This served as Season 6, Episode 10 of Chicago Med and there were a lot of reminders about positive episodes when the show provided a quick recap at the start of the hour. It included Maggie exploring how to reconnect with the daughter that she had given up for adoption.

Once the recapping was done, the episode began with Dr. Natalie Manning arriving at work to find Dr. Crockett Marcel walking through the lobby. They exchanged pleasantries and smiles and planned out dinner at his house later that night. They also officially stated that they were dating so that anyone tuning in who hadn’t been paying close attention would know.

The camera then shifted to Sharon Goodwin walking in with Michael, with their conversation indicating that they were now back on much better terms. Sharon then walked into the ED and spoke with Maggie, who had just received a letter about her daughter. She hadn’t opened it yet, but when she put it in a drawer, it seemed like foreshadowing for later in the episode.

The theme of the episode continued as Dr. Ethan Choi and Dr. Sabeena Virani then walked through the lobby with smiles on their faces as well. They chatted just long enough about meeting up later that night that Dr. Halstead was able to walk by and see what was happening.

Choi and Halstead then responded to a woman who had collapsed in the lobby – a 54-year-old woman carrying the child of her adult daughter and husband. Below is a clip from Halstead and Choi treating the woman.

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 10 recap

This episode was a lot about relationships, while also continuing to advertise for the Law & Order crossover event during each commercial break. In addition to the pregnancy case, Dr. Marcel dealt with someone who came in due to a gunshot wound who was concerned about the cost and had to be convinced to stay.

As for Dr. Manning, she was treating a patient who said she had been mugged and injured. But then Dr. Charles met with the patient and the truth started coming out.

It turned out that the man was fresh out of the military and was having night terrors that he didn’t know about. It led to him acting out in his sleep, which in turn led to some injuries for his wife. She tried to cover for him and never even let him know, let alone the doctors.

Dr. Charles figured it all out and got the man some psychiatric help, all with the hope that he could return home to his wife very soon.

And April Sexton came across a case of her own while getting coffee. Someone was injured on a job site and she jumped in to provide care right on the street. She basically saved his life due to his artery being severed.

Meanwhile, Michael convinced Crockett to use one of his products off-label, but the surgery went badly. He is now back on the bad side of his mother, even though the man did end up surviving.

Working its way back to Maggie and the letter about her daughter, she finally opened the letter, but we didn’t get to see what was inside.

The episode ended with Will taking out Sabeena – right before we got to see Natalie and Crockett enjoying dinner together.

Another new Chicago Med next week

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 11 will air on April 7, and it is called Letting Go Only to Come Together. It’s another new episode for the current season and it will feature Choi working to treat a famous tennis player.

We will have to enjoy these new episodes while we can because the season finale dates have been announced at NBC. The great news is that the One Chicago shows have all been renewed and will be back for new seasons in the fall.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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