Chicago Med cast to have major changes after character exits in finale

April And Ethan Chicago Med
The story of April and Ethan on Chicago Med appears to be at its end. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med cast is going to look a lot different when the show returns with Season 7 in the fall.

It may not have been completely clear by the way that the Chicago Med season finale was presented, but several main characters just left the show.

This was the final episode for Dr. Natalie Manning, as actress Torrey DeVitto is moving on to other things. She had been one of the key characters on the show during its first six seasons, but that came to an end on Wednesday night.

It was also the last episode for Nurse April Sexton, with actress Yaya DaCosta turning down the chance to come back for next season.

Since both characters remain alive in the world of One Chicago, there is always a chance that we could see Natalie or April again sometime down the road.

Losing both Natalie and April will lead to some new faces getting added to the Chicago Med cast this summer. But we already know of one person we could see a lot more of next year.

A look ahead to Chicago Med Season 7

Vanessa Taylor will be back for more episodes of Chicago Med after succeeding during her rotation. Vanessa is the daughter that Maggie gave up, and she is played by Asjha Cooper. The character was just introduced in the back half of Season 6, but it looks like the writers had their eyes on a long game with Vanessa.

We also may see less of Dr. Ethan Choi to begin next season if he is out recovering from getting shot. Actor Brian Tee was in contract negotiations to resume playing the character, but we haven’t heard that he is officially coming back yet, so that’s a tad worrisome.

It definitely looks like Steven Weber will return to Chicago Med as Dr. Dean Archer. That character was about to get fired on the Season 6 finale before Choi got shot, and now that entire dynamic is going to be packed with drama after Sharon named Archer the new head of the ED.

This is a show that has been through major cast changes in the past, so it will be familiar territory to see new faces walking through the hospital.

One Chicago returns with new episodes in fall 2021

As a reminder, three other Chicago Med characters left the show earlier in Season 6, so comparing the Season 6 premiere to the next season premiere will be quite the sight.

All three One Chicago shows have been renewed by NBC, so new episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. will arrive in the fall. We don’t yet know the official start date on the NBC fall schedule, but the trio of Chicago-based shows will continue airing on Wednesday nights.

Chicago Med Season 7 debuts in the fall of 2021 on NBC.

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