Chicago Med recap: A shooting, cast exits, and Natalie’s mom

Chicago Med Season Finale
Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer, Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton, and Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead during the Chicago Med season finale. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med presented an eventful season finale on Wednesday night that wrapped up a lot of storylines.

This was also the final episode for several members of the Chicago Med cast, so it was bound to be a memorable night, no matter what happened on the show.

We saw a lot happen on the last episode of Chicago Med, and that included Nurse April Sexton crossing the line again with patient treatment, Dr. Will Halstead figuring out that it was Dr. Natalie Manning who stole drugs from his trial, and Dr. Charles saving his patient from committing suicide.

We also watched as Dr. Dean Archer gave Dr. Ethan Choi additional reasons to worry about his stability on the job. He was again working to take the right of choice away from a patient, much like he had done on the previous episode with a patient who thought he was in a simulation.

Chicago Med recap for Season 6, Episode 16

The episode opened with Dr. Marcel Crockett stepping up to help Manning. She had confided in him about her mother and the stolen drugs, and he was ready to step up and help Carol. In order to accomplish all of it, Crockett needed to remove a tumor from a donated heart and then use that heart to save Carol.

Will continued to take the fall for Natalie, telling the hospital that he had been the one that stole the drugs from the hospital trial. He was putting his entire career on the line in order to protect Natalie and allow Carol to get the extra help that she needed.

Choi was done with Archer and ready to fire him when they were interrupted by the patient who had thought he was in a simulation. Archer was the target, but Choi stepped in the middle and got shot. Archer placed himself on the case and began pushing for more and more invasive and risky treatments, despite the fact that he had almost been fired earlier. Nobody else knew that, though.

Halstead kept trying to defend Choi and help his friend, but Archer impeded that and even accused Halstead of not having Choi’s best interests at heart. It was a classic projection, but it worked because, in the end, Archer saved Choi.

In a series of big moments for the episode, Sharon fired Halstead, Archer was named the new head of the E.D., and April expressed her love to Choi when he awoke. He is going to need a lot of therapy, and she wants to be there for him.

But that wasn’t all for April, as she heard back about her Nurse Practitioner program – she got in.

Natalie was not okay with Will taking the fall for her and she went to Sharon before the episode came to an end. She told the truth and set the record straight about everything that had happened.

We also saw that Maggie’s daughter figured out what was going on and Vanessa was not pleased about the situation. Vanessa wants it to remain a secret, especially since she thinks other people will think she only got the job (Choi picked her to keep working in the ED) because of her mother. More on that next season.

Chicago Med recap summary

This was the last episode for Nurse April Sexton and Actress Yaya DaCosta made an extensive social media post about it.

It was also the final episode for Dr. Natalie Manning. Torrey DeVitto also took the time to address Chicago Med fans.

Chicago Med goes on its summer hiatus now and will return in the fall with new episodes. It is also very likely that we are going to see a lot of new faces on the Chicago Med cast, especially since Natalie and April just departed.

Chicago Med returns with Season 7 in the fall on NBC.

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