Chicago Med recap: Will takes the fall, April crosses the line again, and Archer shows Choi more red flags

Choi And Archer Chicago Med
Chicago Med drama involving Choi and Archer surfaced again during the new episode. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

A Chicago Med episode called Stories, Secrets, Half-Truths and Lies debuted Wednesday night on NBC. This was Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 15, and it was the last new episode before the big season finale.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, Maggie’s mom appeared to be taking a turn for the better, Maggie’s daughter began working in the ED, Archer crossed the line by forcing treatment on a patient, and Will figured out that Natalie had stolen medication.

Nearly every topic from the last episode was addressed again on Wednesday night, with some storylines taking rather dark turns.

Dr. Sabeena Virani showed up at the beginning of the new episode. She chatted with Will briefly about the study going well and even hinted that a relationship with Will was still possible.

April revealed she had an interview for a practitioner position as she was chatting with Crockett. He seemed really exhausted, and could come up again later.

Then, Natalie came rushing in with her mother, who was again experiencing problems. Crockett and Will had a disagreement about who should treat Carol. Crockett yielded when Natalie asked him to not help, and he knew she was hiding something.

Will figured out that Carol had Hepatitis C, and that she was going through liver failure. Natalie felt the need to come clean to everyone about stealing the meds.

Mother-daughter drama and Dr. Charles’ troubled patient

Elsewhere, Maggie spoke with Sharon about possibly letting Vanessa know she was her mother. Later, Maggie asked to speak with Vanessa at the end of her shift.

Before the shift ended, though, Vanessa’s adoptive parents came in for a visit and they were excited to meet Maggie. That led to Maggie staying quiet about being Vanessa’s mom.

Ramona, the patient of Dr. Charles who had ingested something to get attention in a recent episode, came back to show him she was doing better. She asked him to have some coffee with her, but he insisted she schedule an appointment to do a chat properly in his office.

When she came by his office for that chat, it did not go well at all. She ended up storming out of the office and there was heavy foreshadowing that something bad was coming.

Toward the end of the episode, Ramona called Charles and let him know she was on a ledge at the top of the hospital and ready to jump.

He went up and convinced her to come back from the ledge with a promise of some real help. He then helped her join a women’s group that would help her deal with some past traumas.

Crockett and Archer reach breaking points?

Another patient came in that Crockett began working on. It was a boy who was suffering from pneumonia after having a lung transplant. It looked bleak, but April had an idea.

She thought maybe his lungs were being attacked by COVID. She went to have donor tissue examined and forged Crockett’s signature.

It turned out that April was right, but it really upset Crockett that April went behind his back. They saved the boy’s life, but April also missed her interview.

Archer and Choi faced another patient that was refusing treatment. An 18-year-old girl had a tumor in her head that needed to be removed, but she didn’t want to go through the surgery.

Her parents were insistent on it happening, even suggesting the doctors force her to do it. Archer presented an option to force her and later she fell unconscious. Did he drug another patient?

When she woke back up, Archer spoke with her and told her a heartfelt story he said was from when he was in the field. It convinced the girl to go through the surgery. When Choi asked Archer about the story later, Archer said he got it from someone else.

Will takes the fall for Natalie

Will went to Sabeena and told her he gave Carol the medication. He did it before Natalie could admit any wrongdoing and Sabeena was really mad about it. It was something that could bring an end to his career if Sabeena reported everything he had done.

Natalie told Crockett about what had happened, finally letting him in on the secret that she had been keeping and why she was pushing him away.

Natalie also wanted to speak with Sabeena, but Will told her she had not come in that day. It seemed Natalie and Crockett were back on good terms when the credits rolled.

Chicago Med season finale

A TV promo is out for the Chicago Med season finale and it suggests a lot of drama is going to arrive next week. It’s an episode that nobody should miss.

There are changes coming to the Chicago Med cast, as well, and we have a report on that for any readers who want to check out some huge Season 6 Chicago Med spoilers.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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