Chicago Med recap: Natalie’s mom is in trouble, Maggie’s daughter returns

Natalie On Chicago Med S6 E14
Dr. Natalie Manning is having a really tough time on Chicago Med. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The new Chicago Med recap comes from Season 6, Episode 14 of the hit show. Called A Red Pill, A Blue Pill, the new episode aired on Wednesday night and featured a number of family stories for the Chicago Med cast.

A lot took place on the last episode of Chicago Med, including Maggie meeting the daughter that she gave up for adoption, Dr. Archer pushing April Sexton into a procedure nurses aren’t allowed to do, and the walls were starting to close in on Natalie after she stole medication from Will’s trial to give to her ailing mother.

After a long recap at the beginning of the episode, we saw Dr. Ethan Choi welcome a group of third-year residents to a rotation that they would begin in the ED. We immediately saw Maggie’s daughter in the mix, suggesting that the positive recommendation she had given Vanessa led to her getting a spot. It also confirmed for viewers that actress Asjha Cooper was now a full-time member of the Chicago Med cast as Vanessa Taylor.

Vanessa went to tell Maggie that she was excited about the chance, and Sharon Goodwin happened to be there. When Sharon asked Maggie how she knew Vanessa, Maggie lied and did not divulge that this is her daughter. That seems like something that will get addressed again later.

Chicago Med recap for Season 6, Episode 14

As Dr. Archer was arriving for work, Dr. Charles tried to get him to schedule a meeting with him to just chat. Archer avoided it again, suggesting Charles was only doing it because Choi was forcing him to. A patient was then brought in who wasn’t feeling well, but he refused treatment while claiming it was all part of a simulation. The patient also told Charles that he took a red pill to wake up and escape the simulation.

Natalie then came in with her mom, telling Maggie that she had been passing out intermittently. Will was up and began examining her, but Natalie was very nervous about the stolen drugs coming up. Carol (played by Margaret Colin) was adamant about telling Will that she had been taking a new blue pill that Natalie had been giving her. Natalie continued to try to sidestep the issue and hid the blue pills.

Will figured out what Natalie had been doing and he confronted her. She tried to tell new lies to cover it up, but ended up coming clean and gave Will back the medication she had stolen. At the same time, it turned out that Carol’s heart was starting to pump more efficiently, giving Natalie hope that her mother was getting better.

Will also felt that the medication was really helping and he not only told Natalie to keep giving it to her mom, he also said he would try to get more pills. He swore Natalie to secrecy and now they are scheming together, without letting Dr. Sabeena Virani know what was going on.

Back at the case of the guy who was convinced he was in a simulation, he continued to refuse treatment, which was making Archer really mad. He couldn’t convince Charles to force treatment and Choi wouldn’t back him up.

Archer went into the room of the conscious patient alone, closed the curtain, and a moment later called for April. The patient was then unconscious and Archer wanted to perform surgery to remove an inflamed appendix.

Dr. Archer removed the appendix and saved the patient. Later, Charles approached Archer to talk about it, but Archer started yelling at Charles and had to be removed from the situation by Choi. April also went to Charles, saying she was suspicious that Archer had possibly overmedicated the patient so that he could operate. Choi later asked Archer if he forced the surgery, which only angered Archer even more.

When Archer was leaving work for the night, he tossed two empty bottles of morphine in the trash, suggesting he had definitely crossed the line.

There was also an important storyline between Maggie and her daughter, Vanessa. Choi was working with Vanessa on a patient when he was called away, Maggie said she would supervise the procedure and Vanessa said that she could handle it.

But Vanessa made a mistake, and Maggie convinced her to cover it up and perform a second procedure to help out the patient. Vanessa did everything well, but when Choi found out about the second procedure, he was livid.

Maggie tried to shoulder all of the blame, but Vanessa was very resentful, and she asked Maggie to stay away from her for the rest of her time at Chicago Med. Sharon walked in just as the conversation ended, and she told Maggie that she knew it was her daughter. That situation is brewing some additional drama that could surface again before the season concludes.

That brings an end to this Chicago Med recap, but the show returns in a week with another brand new episode. The penultimate episode for Season 6 airs on May 19.

Just two episodes left for Chicago Med Season 6

This is going to be a shorter season than usual, all due to the coronavirus pandemic and how it affected the production of new episodes. We are heading toward the Chicago Med season finale on Wednesday, May 26, where we definitely expect the familiar cliffhanger to leave fans talking until Season 7 begins in the fall.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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