Chicago Med recap: A new cast member, a car accident, and Natalie’s mom

Sharon Chicago Med Cast
Sharon Goodwin hit a young boy with her car on the new episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

We are in the last month of Chicago Med Season 6 episodes and a lot happened in the new episode called What a Tangled Web We Weave.

The title of the episode itself could apply to a lot of Chicago Med’s cast members, possibly including Will and the lies he had told regarding his medical trial with Sabeena.

It could also refer to Natalie, upset that her mom was struggling and had turned down a procedure. When Natalie saw some pills from Will’s study getting sent out, she stole them.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, we also saw that Will would quit the ED in order to work more on trials. It was also a rough episode for Dr. Archer (Steven Weber), as he had a bit of a breakdown while operating in the field when someone was injured on a home renovation project.

Chicago Med recap for Season 6, Episode 13

A flurry of information opened up the new episode of the show. Natalie’s mom had a nasty cough and noted it started around the time that she started the new medication that Natalie had given her. Those were, of course, the stolen pills from Will’s study, and Natalie told her mom to keep taking them.

At the hospital, Will saw Sabeena coming in and stopped her to apologize again for unblinding a patient in her study. She accepted his apology, and he asked her out for drinks. It was then that she said she would rather remain just friends from that point on.

In the ED, we found out that Nurse Doris was in charge, raising some questions about Maggie’s location. She spoke with Choi for a bit until the call came in that a car struck a kid on a bicycle.

The kid came in first, and he was not in good condition. The paramedic then let Choi know that Sharon Goodwin was the driver. Sharon said that it was “so dark” and that she didn’t see him.

Sharon was pretty distraught, and Charles let her know that Bert (Gregory Alan Williams) was the one who had been called. Meanwhile, the police had arrived to get her statement about what had happened. They said they had already seen the traffic footage, and that she was not at fault.

A new member of the Chicago Med cast

Maggie visited a residency fair where she was pretty lost, but she ran into a nice lady who helped lead her there.

The character is Vanessa Taylor (played by Asjha Cooper on the Chicago Med cast now). Remember that name, because we will see more of her on the show a bit later.

Back at the ED, Natalie asked Will if a dry cough was a symptom of his study, which he verified. He asked her why and she lied about seeing a patient from his study and that the patient had just come in for a false alarm.

Crockett was also watching the conversation take place, and red flags were going up about Natalie acting suspiciously.

Later, Will received a call about the missing medication as Natalie was nearby. She tried to play it off as not being a big deal, but Will was very concerned, stating the pills were his responsibility.

Dr. Dean Archer made his appearance a bit later, showing up as April was looking into going back to school in a nurse practitioner program. She had missed a deadline, but Archer said he could make a call to help her out. They were then called to work on a patient.

Archer wanted to go one direction with the patient, but April suggested another option. He was going to stay on course until later, when Choi told him to try the same suggestion that April had given.

When Archer went back to do the procedure, he pressured April into doing it after he noted he was pleased she was on speaking terms with her ex still (Choi). As a nurse, April can’t do stuff like this.

As Charles was in his office, Maggie came to visit and talk with him since Sharon was dealing with her own things. Maggie let Charles know that the woman she had met earlier (Vanessa) was the daughter that she had given up. Dramatic!

In their chat, Maggie admitted to finally being okay with her decision and that she loved Vanessa was thriving. She felt she didn’t need to see her again and possibly disrupt her life, and she was at peace with that choice.

Other stories within the episode included Maggie recommending Vanessa for a job at the hospital, Natalie asking Crockett for space when he started sensing something was wrong, and Choi asking Charles to help Archer find someone to talk to.

As for the accident, the boy pulled through his surgery and lived.

That’s the end of this Chicago Med recap, but the show is back next week with a new episode. There are three episodes of Chicago Med Season 6 left on the schedule, including the season finale that will hit before the end of May.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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