Chicago Med recap: Is Will Halstead going to leave the ED?

Charles In Med S6 E12
S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin and Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles were featured on a new Chicago Med. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 12 aired on Wednesday night and it involved an exciting off-site scene where Dr. Ethan Choi and Dr. Dean Archer had to show what they could do. It was a good chance for viewers to also see what Ethan and Archer are able to do in the field – much like when they were in the service together.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, we learned that Dr. Natalie Manning and Dr. Crockett Marcel were advancing in their relationship. They began using the L-word and Crockett had developed a much stronger relationship with Natalie’s mom, who is played by Margaret Colin on the show.

Chicago Med recap for Some Things Are Worth the Risk

The new episode of Chicago Med opened with Dr. Will Halstead in bed with Dr. Sabeena Virani (played by actress Tehmina Sunny). It was a subtle reminder to the viewers that their relationship had progressed.

It was then time to shift to the entryway for Med, where every recent episode has characters entering in pairs. This time, it was Dr. Daniel Charles and his daughter Anna, while they discussed sitting down to talk later. She wanted more freedom, while Charles felt Anna needed to earn his trust back.

When they got to his office, there was an awkward exchange with a patient who was waiting outside of his door to talk to him. That patient was Ramona Davis (played by Cordelia Dewdney), who appeared in the last episode.

Halstead was then shown arriving and he chatted with Natalie briefly about her mother. Natalie was quite pleased with the progress her mother was making. Just then, one of Halstead’s trial patients was brought in with a medical emergency. The patient died.

Later, Natalie’s mom had another appointment, where it was revealed that she was actually doing worse, leading Natalie to beg Will to get her mom into his trial. Would he bend the rules for her? He approached Sabeena about doing just that, which led to him revealing that he had unblinded a previous patient. She was not happy.

Dr. Choi and Dr. Archer in the field

On the way to the accident, Choi and Archer talked about how it reminded them of the past and riding in a Humvee together. Archer’s hands were shown shaking, which Choi noticed but didn’t mention.

Before heading to the commercial, the episode went back to the ED, where Romana showed up with a medical emergency. She had taken something to make her sick and would only see Dr. Charles.

At first, Dr. Charles was held back from seeing Ramona, as they didn’t want to give in to her demands. Her condition worsened a lot, though, leading to him coming in to negotiate with her to tell them what she took. He agreed to see her again if she accepted the treatment.

While he was meeting with her, Anna sent a nurse to get him because she needed to get on a computer. When he got back to his patient, she had left. Anna thought it was her fault and broke down crying later. It led to a good father-daughter bonding moment as he explained it was not her fault.

When Choi and Archer got to their scene, we got to see Sylvie Brett from Chicago Fire outside. Inside, Joe Cruz and Violet Mikami from the Chicago Fire cast made guest-starring appearances. It turned out to be an accident that took place during a home renovation, including a man who was pinned. The fear was that a secondary collapse could also take place.

A gang fight broke out near the home where the accident happened, leading to gunshots that broke out the windows of the house. The crews started sheltering in place and it was clear that Dr. Archer was stressed out about the gunfire.

It would have been the perfect time for some Chicago P.D. cast members to also appear. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

Archer worked through his issues and they saved the patient before moving him, but it appeared to take a real toll on the doctor. Choi later suggested Archer go through therapy, but the elder doctor was not keen on the idea.

More Chicago Med recap details

Crockett and April Sexton also worked on a patient who had gone through COVID but was trying to recover. Her body was still suffering from complications. She ended up having to have part of a lung removed to survive. April did well and after Crockett complimented her on it all, she was shown looking at Nurse Practitioner programs.

Natalie’s mom was recommended to go through a procedure to reset her heart. She was hesitant and asked Natalie to just take her home.

At a business meeting with Sabeena, Will also said that he would consider leaving the ED to work full-time on trials. That presented an interesting cliffhanger in that regard. We will have to wait and see how that plays out and if Sabeena reveals his secret about compromising the trial.

Before the episode came to an end, Natalie stole meds from Will’s trial and gave them to her mom to use. That seems like it might not go well.

That brings an end to this Chicago Med recap, but there are more stories to tell during Season 6.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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