Who plays Violet Mikami on the Chicago Fire cast? Hanako Greensmith returns

Violet Chicago Fire
Violet has returned to the Chicago Fire cast for Season 9. Pic credit: NBCUniversal

Paramedic Violet Mikami returned to Chicago Fire on the latest episode of the show. Played by actress Hanako Greensmith, the character hadn’t been seen since a string of episodes in Season 8.

Violet’s return was a bit unexpected, as she popped up during an off-site training session that Gallo, Mackey, Ritter, and Mouch went to participate in. And, she definitely showed that she is good at her job.

“Oh. Boy. That’s my ex,” Gallo stated to Mackey as they arrived at the TRA training and noticed that Violet was also there.

Nobody should be surprised that Violet also showed up during the final episode for paramedic Gianna Mackey. It was not a coincidence. Later in that same episode, it was clear that there was still some chemistry between Gallo and Violet that will get explored a bit.

Who plays Violet Mikami on Chicago Fire cast?

Hanako Greensmith was a good addition to the show when she appeared in four episodes of Season 8. For viewers who want to go back and see when we last saw the character, Violet appeared in 51’s Original Bell, which served as Chicago Fire Season 8, Episode 20.

Below is a scene involving Violet, Gallo, and the two firehouses that were at odds during Season 8.

Greensmith doesn’t have a lot of other acting credits to her name, but she did appear on an episode each of FBI (Appearances as Bonnie Snow) and Bull (Excessive Force as Veronica Hill).

We are definitely going to see more from Violet Mikami on Chicago Fire this season, but we won’t spoil how she is going to play into the central storylines. Just tune in each Wednesday night for the new episodes and you will find out pretty quickly.

More news from the world of Chicago Fire

Fans are starting to get concerned about the injury that Casey suffered during the last episode. It’s one that could certainly put his career at risk and if he is not careful about it, the injury could lead to a lasting impact on his life.

NBC has already hinted that the next episode is going to continue this story about Casey, possibly taking him down a dark road before the season comes to an end.

And speaking of the Chicago Fire season finale, NBC has announced that Season 9 of the show will come to a close in late May.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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