Chicago Fire promo for new episode has fans worried about Kidd

Casey Dealing With Chicago Fire Injury
Casey is going to continue working through his Chicago Fire injury. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

The new episode of Chicago Fire that airs on Wednesday night has a promo now airing on NBC. It looks like an episode that is going to provide some anxious moments and possibly another firefighter getting injured on the job.

On the last episode of Chicago Fire, Casey got hurt while responding to a call. He suffered another head injury leading to him pulling out some x-rays from 2012 that included a note from his doctor about the risks of ever suffering another blow to the head.

Moving forward, it really looks like Casey is going to try to work through this latest head injury. It may turn out to be a really bad decision, but this show has a history of characters trying to be tough and dealing with the pain while reporting to work every day.

Hopefully, the fears fans are having about Casey eventually having to leave Firehouse 51 get put to bed soon, but this feels like a storyline that will play out over a few episodes. It might even last until the Chicago Fire season finale in May.

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 10 synopsis

The synopsis for this new episode of Chicago Fire hints at Casey continuing to ignore his injury and that the personal story for Mouch is going to be explored further.

“A series of suspicious fires sends 51 on a search for a cause; Casey continues down a troubling path; Mouch is looking to make his long-awaited dream come true.

Chicago Fire One Crazy Shift TV promo

Below is the television promo that NBC is airing for the Chicago Fire March 31 episode. It is scheduled to debut at 9/8c on Wednesday night. Within the promo, we get to see Severide putting his investigative skills to the test again. We hope he solves this case before someone gets seriously injured.

More from One Chicago on Wednesday night

A new episode of Chicago P.D. is going to close out the night on Wednesday. It looks like a really intense one with Ruzek’s father ending up in a really dicey situation. The promo seems to indicate that he is going to be held hostage and that Intelligence is going to be working against the clock to save him.

All of the Chicago-based shows are also going to be back for new episodes on Wednesday, April 7. It will be an exciting way to start out the next month and begin that inevitable countdown until the season finales roll out in May.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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