Chicago P.D. promo airing for a new episode, The Radical Truth

Burgess Chicago PD
Marina Squerciati plays Kim Burgess on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

A new Chicago P.D. television promo is airing on NBC for the episode that will debut next week. It will be good to have the Wednesday night shows back after only a week off and all three of them are airing new episodes.

This new installment is called The Radical Truth, and it will serve as Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 10.

The synopsis for the new episode states that, “Ruzek’s father, Bob, goes missing, and the team races to find him before it’s too late.”

The last episode of the show focused largely on the new member of Intelligence, with Officer Andre Cooper getting a chance to show what he could do on the job. Now, the focus is going to shift back to Ruzek on Wednesday night.

Chicago P.D. TV promo for The Radical Truth

Below is the television spot that is airing for Chicago P.D. It seems to indicate that Ruzek’s father is being held hostage and that the team is going to have to figure out how to save him.

There aren’t many new episodes left of Chicago P.D. Season 8, so we may start seeing storylines that are going to impact the season finale. We could also be moving toward a cliffhanger episode, with the resolution coming during Season 9 in fall 2021.

This is about the time that it would be great to have a full crossover between the three Chicago-based shows, but that can’t really happen during the pandemic. We will likely have to wait until the next television season to see something like that again.

More new episodes of Chicago P.D. in April

On April 7, another new episode of Chicago P.D. will debut on NBC. Season 8, Episode 11 is called Signs of Violence, and it is going to focus on Detective Upton. She is going to be trying to figure out the disappearance of a young girl and her parents. It is advertised as forcing her to reflect on her own childhood traumas.

It appears that the trauma that Upton has was hinted at a lot over the past season and could become a focal point of this next episode. We hope it doesn’t lead to her wanting to leave Intelligence to do some more work for the FBI. While that would present another intriguing crossover idea, it would mean another new cop on Voight’s team would have to be broken in.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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