Chicago Med recap: Margaret Colin, James Eckhouse join cast

Crockett Chicago Med 6x11
Dominic Rains plays Crockett Marcel on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago Med aired Wednesday night on NBC. It began by focusing a lot on Dr. Crockett.

He entertained Natalie and her mother (played by Margaret Colin) on a dinner date and then shifted to working on a difficult patient a bit later.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, April Sexton took center stage by saving an injured man on a construction site.

Later in this episode, she would also become the focal point as she violated protocol to treat a COVID patient.

Chicago Med recap: Season 6, Episode 11

Natalie’s mom had several personal questions for Crockett, asking him about his family, religion, and any other information she could pry out of him as the trio enjoyed some wine.

Within the conversation, it was made clear that Crockett and Natalie have been on quite a few dates now and that the relationship is progressing quite well.

Back to April, who had won the favor of Dr. Lanik due to her performance on that last episode. Lanik requested that April help him out in the COVID ward, and she reported with a big smile on her face.

Even this early in the episode, it was obvious that she was willing to do anything to impress him even further with her skills.

Moments later, a new character, played by actor James Eckhouse, was wheeled into the ED. Halstead was the one who began working on him, but it was clear that there was something off about him (besides the shoulder injury).

After his shoulder was set, he kept looking into the corner and speaking to someone. That meant it was time to call for Dr. Charles.

James Eckhouse and Oliver Platt chew the scenery

It turned out that the new patient (Liam McIntyre) had lost his wife during quarantine, and Dr. Charles spent a good amount of time talking to him about it.

Liam said that he had been seeing his wife for a few months, even though he admitted to knowing that she was gone. The pair bonded as Dr. Charles lost his wife on the last season of the show.

Liam needed to have surgery to fix his eyesight, which was playing tricks on him by filling in a blind spot with his wife. If he were to have the surgery, he would stop seeing his wife.

Dr. Charles would end up convincing him that the surgery was necessary and that Liam’s wife would have wanted him to have the surgery.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Crockett worked well together on a patient who had a history of medical problems and was very frustrated to be back in the hospital.

She pleaded with them to fix her, and she was willing to go through anything to have it done. That ended up being a kidney transplant.

April Sexton breaks the rules again

While treating a patient in the COIVD ward, April bonded with them and was ready to intubate the patient with a doctor’s help. As he was getting prepped, she pushed meds on her own and began chest compressions.

She did all of it without permission, which Lanik did not take well. April saved another life, but Lanik wanted her fired.

Dr. Choi gets a new partner to save a tennis star

Dr. Choi spent most of the episode treating a famous tennis player (Montez Price) struck in the chest by a tennis ball. Choi was at a loss as to why the patient’s heart was crashing and then beating too fast.

This led to him asking for help from Dr. Sabeena Virani, who is a cardiologist. That didn’t sit well with Halstead, who has been dating Sabeena on the side.

Sabeena discovered a lung issue, and the doctors were off and racing with a treatment course. Everything was treatable that he has been going through, and the issues were genetic.

The diagnosis also meant that they could fix him up and have him back on the court soon.

One of the final scenes of the episode had Natalie and Crockett celebrating that they had helped their chronic patient. They even exchanged vows of love on the rooftop.

Crockett saying “I love you” came out of the blue, but he appeared to really mean it, and this moment was definitely set up by a lot of scenes that the pair has shared in recent episodes.

Right before the credits rolled, Michael Goodwin met with his mother (Sharon Goodwin) to let her know that he was leaving Chicago Med.

They were on good terms as they exited the hospital, with Michael admitting he needed to escape her “long shadow.” That might be the last time we see actor Hampton Fluker on the show for a while.

It also seemed like the episode was wrapped up in a nice little bow, which often foreshadows tragedy coming down the road on shows like this one. Hopefully, we don’t lose any of these doctors in the final few episodes of Season 6.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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