Who plays Natalie’s mom on Chicago Med cast? Margaret Colin guests

Natalie On Chicago Med
Torrey DeVitto stars as Natalie Manning on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med cast featured Dr. Natalie Manning’s mom in an all-new episode. The actress playing her mom was likely very recognizable to many viewers, even though not every fan may have been able to place the face.

The character of Natalie’s mom is played by actress Margaret Colin. She has been a star on TV and in the movies, with quite a few credits to her name over the years.

When NBC revealed a number of sneak peeks and the episode synopsis for the night, Margaret Colin wasn’t featured in any of them. Well, the back of her head was shown, but the actress ended up being a surprising feature of the show returning from hiatus.

Sometimes, shows stretch believability when it comes to casting parents of important characters on shows like this one, but that was not the case with Natalie’s mom. This was a perfect casting choice, made even better due to Colin’s acting chops.

Who plays Natalie’s mom on Chicago Med cast?

The most famous role that Margaret Colin has played is still likely Constance Spano from Independence Day. The character was U.S. President Thomas Whitmore’s White House Communications Director and the wife of David Levinson. Those characters were played by Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum in the movie.

Colin was seen as Rebecca in Three Men and a Baby, Lisa Wiseman on Now and Again, and Robyn in The Butcher’s Wife.

Some of her other roles include playing Margo Montgomery/Hughes on As the World Turns, starring as Dr. Karen Antonovich on Chicago Hope, and being featured as Eleanor Waldorf on Gossip Girl.

Colin even popped up on episodes of Elementary, Veep, Shades of Blue, Younger, and Madam Secretary.

She got her break playing Paige Madison on the TV series, The Edge of Night.

More Chicago Med cast debuts

It was a big night for the Chicago Med cast, as actor Steven Weber also joined the show. Weber is playing Dr. Dean Archer, a man from the past of Dr. Ethan Choi who may be able to provide some guidance to the new chief of the ED. If he can just help Ethan lower his stress levels, then that is going to be considered a win.

More new episodes of Chicago Med are left to air before the season finale this May. Make sure to tune in each Wednesday night, as a string of new content will be rolling out at NBC.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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3 years ago

Natalie Manning’s mom was played by Regan Rohdes in earlier episodes (like the wedding episode).