Chicago Med cast: Who plays Vanessa, Maggie’s daughter on the show?

Vanessa Chicago Med
Asjha Cooper now plays Vanessa Taylor on the Chicago Med Season 6 cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med cast now features Vanessa Taylor. This is Maggie’s daughter, who Maggie gave up when she was a baby.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, Maggie was seen checking up on Vanessa to make sure she was okay. They interacted and it set a chain of events into motion.

Maggie talked a big game about not needing to see her daughter again, but when given the chance, she recommended Vanessa for a program at Chicago Med.

Now, Vanessa has become one of the third-year medical students getting a shot to do a rotation in the ED. That will put her in the same workspace as her mother, who she may or may not even know about.

There is likely some drama in store for both Vanessa and Maggie, and that should definitely provide additional content for the final episodes of Chicago Med Season 6.

Who plays Maggie’s daughter on Chicago Med?

Vanessa Taylor plays Maggie’s daughter, taking on the character for the first time during Season 6, Episode 13.

Before she joined One Chicago, Asjha Cooper appeared in a number of other projects. Recently, she was seen as Kia Williams on All American. She also has a film coming out soon called There’s Someone Inside Your House. In it, she plays the character of Alex.

Other acting credits for her include Snowfall (Eva), Everybody Wants Some!! (Sharon), The Fosters (Alison), and Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader (Jessica).

After popping up with just a few lines during her first episode, Vanessa is going to be more prevalent in Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 14. It is the episode that debuts for the first time on May 12. The synopsis that is shared below illustrates that she is a focal point of the evening.

“Third-year med students begin their rotation in the ED, and Maggie keeps a careful eye on one of them; Manning, whose mom’s health takes another decline, tries to cover up how she broke the rules to treat her.”

Chicago Med season finale arrives soon

There are only 16 episodes on the Chicago Med TV schedule this season. That shows how close viewers are to the season finale of the show, which is bound to include a cliffhanger or two based on how many current storylines are unresolved.

Will Natalie get in trouble for stealing those drugs? Is Natalie’s mom going to survive the season? Will Halstead get consequences for unblinding a patient? Those are just some of the questions that need answers before the summer hiatus begins.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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