Nick Gehlfuss on Chicago Med cast: Is Dr. Will Halstead coming back?

Will On Chicago Med
Nick Gehlfuss is sticking around on Chicago Med. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med cast is going to go through a lot of changes during the offseason, but one of the biggest questions from fans was whether or not Dr. Will Halstead would be returning to the show.

On the Chicago Med season finale, Halstead got fired as he tried to cover for Dr. Natalie Manning stealing medication from his trial. With Gehlfuss’ contract coming to an end as well, it seemed like he might be on his way out.

With so many other Chicago Med cast exits during Season 6, including Natalie and April, it would have been very difficult for the show to lose Will.

As the summer months begin to tick off the calendar, we expect a lot of additional news about people joining the show to come out.

Is Halstead coming back to Chicago Med?

It was recently revealed that Gehlfuss has signed a new contract, so the odds are pretty good that he is going to be sticking around.

In regard to answering the question about whether or not Gehlfuss is leaving Chicago Med, we think that it is a pretty sure bet that he is coming back for Season 7 in the fall.

Chicago Med returns in the fall

A new season of Chicago Med is coming to NBC in the fall. We don’t yet know the return date for the One Chicago shows, but it will likely come in late September.

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. are all returning to Wednesday nights, with NBC content to keep its Chicago-based trilogy intact. The ratings continue to be impressive, suggesting that the shows all have many more years in front of them.

As we noted before, the expectation is that there will be more news about the Chicago Med cast coming out over the next few months.

There are some openings on the show that need to be filled, so we wouldn’t be surprised at all if a famous face or two ended up signing on for Season 7.

Something else that fans can look forward to is that there are plans for a major One Chicago crossover in the fall. It could happen as early as the second episode of each show, but there are a lot of storylines that have to be addressed on Chicago Fire first.

In case anyone forgot, there are four members of the Chicago Fire crew in danger of getting killed off.

Chicago Med returns in the fall of 2021 on NBC.

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