Nick Gehlfuss on Chicago Med cast: Is Dr. Will Halstead coming back?

The Chicago Med cast is going to go through a lot of changes during the offseason, but one of the biggest questions from fans was whether or not Dr. Will Halstead would be returning to the show. On the Chicago Med season finale, Halstead got fired as he tried to cover for Dr. Natalie Manning

Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23 recap: All is well when it ends well?

Last night’s Chicago Med Season finale was full of happy endings. Except for Nina and Dr. Charles, who probably drew the shortest stick. The last episode of the season had everything that makes this show great — it had drama, relationships unfolding, great character moments, but most of all, it was fun. We had a lot

Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22 recap: The one with a fresh start

When I finished last night’s Chicago Med episode, I had a feeling that “White Butterflies” had been just a filler. However, in hindsight, there were many moments that will most likely define the finale and the first stretch of season 3. For instance, April and Ethan. What the hell was that? They spent the entire

Chicago Med recap S2 E20: Halstead times three

The only thing better than one Halstead on Chicago Med is having all three Halsteads in the same episode. Last night’s Chicago Med showed just how complicated the Halstead brothers’ relationship with their father is. Papa Halstead is one difficult individual to handle and stubborn as hell. In case you don’t follow what’s going on in Chicago