Chicago Med recap S2 E20: Halstead times three

Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead and Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead in Chicago Med

The only thing better than one Halstead on Chicago Med is having all three Halsteads in the same episode.

Last night’s Chicago Med showed just how complicated the Halstead brothers’ relationship with their father is. Papa Halstead is one difficult individual to handle and stubborn as hell.

In case you don’t follow what’s going on in Chicago PD, Jay and Erin are on a break, so the detective is staying with Will for a while.

So when he calls his brother in the middle of a shift, saying that Papa Halstead isn’t doing too well, Will rushes over to his childhood home, taking Connor with him.

After all, his dad has had a heart condition for years now and he knows it probably is something related to the faulty valve in his heart.

Papa Halstead refuses to go to the hospital in an ambulance, so Will and Connor drive him to Med. The guy is a real piece of work and makes everyone’s lives incredibly difficult.

After running some tests, Connor tells him his best bet is to have surgery, but Papa Halstead is adamant — he will not have surgery under any circumstances.

So they have no choice but to follow the non surgical route, which would only fix the problem for the moment and wouldn’t be a cure.

The way he treats both Will and Jay is despicable, but it looks like it comes from a long troubled history of disagreements.

Jay keeps a cool façade the way he always does, but Will is clearly affected by it. His dad may be dying and the man is still treating both his sons like crap.

Apparently, he never supported Will going to college — let alone med school — saying that a real man goes straight to work, not academics. I wonder what he had to say about Jay, who went straight to war.

Louis Herthum as Pat Halstead in his hospital bed, and Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead

Bottom line here is, their relationship is very strained, but Will is having a hard time keeping his emotions in check.

There is obviously a lot of history there — and I hope we get to find out more about it soon — but there is also a lot of love.

When Papa Halstead’s heart fails and Connor has to rush him to surgery, he confides in his doctor that he is so very proud of his son and that he realizes he is not a kid anymore.

That final scene between them, when Will tells him he loves him and that there are going to be some changes and that he needs to take better care of himself, left me with tears in my eyes.

Our poor baby Will is so emotional, his voice shaking through the whole thing, that it made it very, very clear that, despite their differences, he is still his father and he loves the man unconditionally.

I could stay here and write a book about this, because there is so much to explore in this family dynamic and I am so incredibly curious about it, but we should probably move on from my beloved Halstead family and talk about what else happened in last night’s Chicago Med.

While Will was worried sick about his old man, Natalie was taking care of a little boy, whose mom worked two jobs in order to provide for him.

But that left her no time to supervise what the boy was eating, so he ended up with a severe vitamin C deficiency.

Natalie went off on her, saying she had to take better care of her child, but later realized she was just taking out her own frustrations as a mother on the poor woman.

Being a single, working mom and a doctor, she barely gets to see her son Owen, so she is frustrated and terrified that she is being a terrible mother to her little boy.

Nevertheless, she still found time to be there for Will and my Manstead heart is singing with joy. It’s so close, you guys. I can feel it.

Elsewhere, Connor seeks out Dr. Charles to talk about Robyn. He is super worried about his girlfriend and how she is hearing and seeing things that aren’t there.

Dr. Charles dismisses his concerns, but when Connor leaves, we can see that he is definitely worried too.

Robyn hasn’t been herself in a while and, when she realizes that there may be something wrong with her, she accepts her father’s gentle suggestion of getting checked out by a doctor.

Other things to note

1. Are Reese and Noah going to be a thing? What was that last night? I admit I did not see that coming, but I can definitely see them working.

While Reese and her pathology boyfriend are cute together, they are just way too similar. Now Reese and Noah are like water and oil, but they have this weird chemistry that strangely works, so I’m on board.

I didn’t see it coming and I don’t even know if it’s really happening, but I am more than cool with it.

I wonder what their ship name is going to be. Reeseton? Rexton? Any suggestions?

2. Now, staying on the same topic of relationships, Nina is so on to Will.

She just knows that there is something between him and Nat and that is probably driving her crazy.

The weird thing is, I don’t even think Will realizes how obvious he is acting around Natalie.

They have always been close and there has always been something there — even after they started seeing other people — but I really think he is completely oblivious that Nina totally knows and is getting increasingly jealous.

Remember what I said up there about Will and Nat? Manstead is happening, guys. And very soon. I can feel it.

Don’t forget to check out the promo for the next Chicago Med episode…

Chicago Med airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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