Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23 recap: All is well when it ends well?

April (Yaya da Costa) and Noah (Roland Buck III) have fun at his graduation party

Last night’s Chicago Med Season finale was full of happy endings. Except for Nina and Dr. Charles, who probably drew the shortest stick.

The last episode of the season had everything that makes this show great — it had drama, relationships unfolding, great character moments, but most of all, it was fun. We had a lot going on, but let’s start with how last week’s episode ended, shall we?

Robin had a complete psychotic break and, the last time we saw her, she had locked herself outside on the balcony at her boyfriend’s apartment with a desperate Connor at a loss of what to do.

I am guessing he eventually got to her and called 911, because when we see her next, she’s arriving at Med in an ambulance and she is completely unhinged. The hallucinations have completely taken over and it’s a scary sight. Kudos to Mekia Cox, whose performance was absolutely incredible in those scenes.

Robin is completely out of it, not recognizing anyone, so they have to sedate her before she could hurt anyone or herself.

Dr. Charles comes barging in and he is furious, immediately pointing the finger at Connor to tell him this was his fault – after all, he was the one who pushed for Robin to be released, when she clearly was in no fit state to go home.

Reese, then, comes up with a possible solution for Robin’s case. In most psychiatric conditions, the hallucinations are auditory, but Robin is experiencing visual ones, which points to a physical condition, not a psychiatric one.

Dr. Charles is so wrapped up in his own fears, though, that he immediately rebuffs that theory, and it takes a good lecture from Sharon for him to open his mind up a bit and consider other possibilities.

It turns out that Reese was right. Robin had a tiny benign tumor, which her body was trying to fight and destroy, but it had also turned on itself in the process, and caused an encephalitis, which – in turn – caused the hallucinations.

A minimally invasive procedure to remove the tumor and she would make a full recovery.

So all was well. Dr. Charles and Connor talked it out and buried the hatchet, and Connor even convinced Robin to forgive her father, which led to a very touching scene.

I thought it was a great moment and they didn’t even need any words to convey all the emotion between them. Again, Mekia Cox was incredible, and her chemistry with Oliver Platt is amazing.

Elsewhere, Ethan and April are walking on eggshells around each other. Since the near kiss the night before, neither of them seems to really know what to do or what to say.

I’m still kind of baffled about how this ship even happened and just how much screen time was dedicated to it in the finale. Not that I don’t think they should be together, don’t get me wrong.

But it just felt like it came out of nowhere and suddenly they’re this huge thing. I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and see where this goes, but I am still completely confused as to how it all happened.

Will (Nick Gehlfuss) and Nat (Torrey DeVitto) are all smiles at Noah’s graduation party

Even Reese and Noah have at least been brewing for a few episodes now. Noah even came right out and said he liked her, so we knew this had the possibility of happening — which, by the way, I am all for.

They are so completely different and polar opposites, that I am so interested in seeing how they are going to balance each other out. Reese is super serious, disciplined and responsible, whereas Noah is just not any of those things.

But he is a nice guy and I just know Reese will be an amazing influence on him.

And that leads us to my babies Will and Nat. He is very, very good at denial, because he tried to fool himself into thinking that he was over her and that he would be better off with Nina for so long.

He has always stared at her longingly and was always all smiles whenever she was around, but of course, Nina was the absolute best choice.

God, Will, you’re an idiot.

Last night, though, the longing stares were at full power, and he was determined to find out why she got such a drastic haircut. When he questions her about it, she just says that it was time for a change.

They go about their day, working amazingly well together, as usual, but it takes Jay telling him that Nat asked him to go to Noah’s party with her for Will to finally snap out of it.

When Jays asks him if he would mind, the look on his face says everything. Even your brother knows, Will! Jay tells him to just get his act together and do something about it and that finally seems to hit home.

He goes looking for Nina and I am devastated for her, but she definitely deserves better. When Will tells her he can’t go on pretending, my heart broke for her, because she realized she never really had him in the first place.

Cut to Noah’s graduation party, which everyone had been talking about the entire episode. There must have been something in those Mai Tais because all the potential ships seemed to just gravitate towards one another and, well, live happily ever after.

I am just so bummed that Ethan and April got so much more screen time than Will and Nat, though. Again, not that I don’t want them together, but because Will and Nat have been the ship from day one.

And here they are, on the verge of jumping in, and all we got was them dancing, while Ethan and April — the ship that came out of nowhere – got a full on kiss scene?

Are you serious right now?

But anyway, everyone was happy and together and having fun, and that would have been an excellent ending.

Chicago Med: Most shocking moment

Everything would have been unicorns and rainbows, except for that final scene.

One of Dr. Charles’ patients, who had been waiting to see him all day, cornered him when he was leaving the hospital and just shot him point blank, before killing himself.

It all happened so fast, that I had a hard time comprehending all of it.

So our last shot of the season was Dr. Charles bleeding out in front of the hospital, while everyone else had fun at Noah’s party.

Chicago Med has been renewed for Season 3 and will return with all new episodes in the Fall.

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