NCIS schedule: Upcoming primetime episodes airing on CBS

Gibbs Old NCIS
Gibbs still has some important cases on NCIS Season 18 to solve. Pic credit: CBS

We now know how the NCIS schedule will shake out for the rest of February. CBS released its primetime schedule for the rest of the month and that includes a new episode of NCIS.

There is also a big NCIS episode coming up where one of the cast members is leaving the show, but that one likely won’t air until the month of March.

There are three Tuesday night episodes left to air during the month of February, but the bad news is that only one of them will be a new one. It means the other two nights will be repeat episodes that fans of the show can watch again.

As a reminder, the last new episode of the show revolved around Bishop and Torres going out on a case alone. It also had Gibbs and McGee finally sitting down to talk about what happened at the airport and how close one of the shots from Gibbs came to killing McGee.

Below is a breakdown of the three primetime episodes left to air in February at 8/7c on Tuesday nights, with a brief synopsis about what the episode entails and what CBS viewers should expect.

February NCIS schedule

Tuesday, February 9: Season 18, Episode 7 of the show is called the First Day and it has the team looking into the death of a Navy officer who was killed on his way home from work. It will also cover a personal trauma for Dr. Jimmy Palmer, who has to lean on Gibbs for some support. This is a brand new episode of NCIS.

Tuesday, February 16: CBS is going to show the 400th episode of NCIS again on February 16. This is the one where Young Gibbs met Young Ducky for the first time. This episode was called Everything Starts Somewhere and it served as Season 18, Episode 2, first airing in November 2020. Guest stars included Adam Campbell as Young Ducky and Sean Harmon as Young Gibbs.

Tuesday, February 23: To wrap up the Tuesday night schedule in February, CBS is going to be reshowing the episode called Blood and Treasure. This was Season 18, Episode 3 and it had Gibbs discovering that Fornell was now working at a fast-food restaurant to help track down drug dealers. It originally aired in December 2020.

More from NCIS

Previously, Mark Harmon (he plays Gibbs) stated that there are going to be 16 new episodes of NCIS Season 18. Since only six of them have aired so far, it means that there is a lot of new content ready to air for the first time in March, April, and May.

Even though we only get one more new episode in February, at least NCIS fans can look forward to more new content coming in the back end of Season 18.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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