NCIS poll has fans vote on who should lead Gibbs’ team in Season 19

Gibbs NCIS Basement
Gibbs has been a very important part of the NCIS cast through the first 18 seasons. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS will have a lot less Gibbs during Season 19. Star Mark Harmon is stepping back a bit on the show, meaning someone new is very likely to be leading his team in upcoming episodes. Apologies to any fans of the show who didn’t already know that fact.

Two other major changes to the NCIS cast have also taken place, including someone new joining the show and a character that has appeared in two episodes getting a bump to a full-time player. Both could be leaders in their own right, but neither would fit the bill for a lot of NCIS fans.

The reality in this situation is that someone new is very likely going to be leading Gibbs’ team for most — if not all — of NCIS Season 19. It could take some getting used to, with quite a few fans not looking forward to the day that Gibbs finally does retire.

That brings us to a new poll that TV Insider put up, where they asked who fans would most like to see running the team in Gibbs’ absence. It’s a tough question to answer, and it certainly gives a good look at how fans are feeling about the big changes in store for NCIS in the fall.

Who do fans want in charge of Gibbs’ team?

Four options were given for respondents in the poll. People could vote for McGee, someone new but temporary, someone new and possibly permanent, or nobody if it isn’t Gibbs. Below are the percentages so far. It’s unclear how many people have responded to this point, but it’s definitely clear that people might prefer nobody if it’s not Gibbs.

  • McGee: 48 percent
  • No one but Gibbs: 40 percent
  • Someone new and possibly permanent: 7 percent
  • Someone new but temporary: 4 percent

NCIS Season 19 debuts in the fall on a new night

CBS is bringing back NCIS for Season 19 in the fall. We don’t yet know the start date of the new season, but we do know that NCIS is changing nights.

Having new episodes of NCIS on Tuesday nights is going to become a thing of the past, and that might be harder for fans to adjust to than Mark Harmon leaving the show.

Hopefully, this doesn’t end up meaning that the show is on its last legs and that CBS is very close to pulling the plug. There haven’t even been any rumors about an NCIS Season 20 yet, most likely because it will depend on how good the ratings turn out to be for Season 19.

Since there were a few major NCIS cast departures in Season 18, we expect some more news this summer about people joining the show. The addition of Gary Cole was already a genius move by the production team because based on his past roles, we can already picture him with the rest of the NCIS cast.

Stay tuned, because there is more NCIS news to come this summer.

NCIS returns in Fall 2021 with Season 19 on CBS.

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1 year ago

Hate to see Gibbs go but glad NCIS will be back..

Juanita Melchior
Juanita Melchior
1 year ago

All of the CAST from NCIS: New Orleans OR NCIS: Los Angeles would be great on NCIS

Janie Chapman
Janie Chapman
1 year ago

I think the Pride character from NCIS-New Orleans should lead the team.