Chicago Fire actor Gary Cole tapped for a big role on NCIS

Grissom On Chicago Fire
Grissom was always a formidable character on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago Fire fans know Gary Cole as the Fire Commissioner and friend of Kelly Severide on the hit drama.

For 13 episodes, Cole appeared as Deputy District Chief Carl Grissom (he was later promoted to CFD Fire Commissioner), where he brought a lot of drama and intrigue to the show.

The backstory of the character was that he had worked with Kelly Severide’s dad (Benny), and that he had also been a friend and mentor to Kelly.

There were ups and downs in the relationship between Grissom and the younger Severide, including an exciting storyline where it came down to Grissom and Wallace Boden to get promoted to Fire Commissioner.

Within the world of Chicago Fire, Carl Grissom is alive and well, but he did not appear during Season 9 of the show. In fact, the last time that the show featured the character was during a 2019 episode called Welcome to Crazytown.

The NCIS cast may gain Gary Cole

It has been reported that NCIS is interested in bringing on Gary Cole in a major role. This would be for Season 19 of the hit CBS show, presumably in a position of some authority. It’s possible that Cole could be seen as someone taking the place of Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) as the lead of the team.

There have been rumors that Harmon might want to just have a part-time role on the NCIS cast during the next season. And then, on the Season 18 finale, it appeared that Gibbs may have faked his death. Could that lead to Gibbs not appearing in many new episodes?

Those answers will likely come later for NCIS fans, but if Gary Cole is joining the cast, they are in for a treat.

Chicago Fire Season 10 on the way

NBC ordered Chicago Fire Season 10 a while ago and fans can look forward to seeing new episodes of the show airing in the fall of 2021. And that’s a good thing too because the show left off on a really big cliffhanger at the end of Season 9.

Showrunner Derek Haas was definitely right when he said fans would be mad at him over the season finale. Four characters were left in danger when the episode faded to black, including several fan favorites.

Not knowing the fates of Kelly Severide or Joe Cruz left fans gasping for air as the season came to a close. Now, we have to wait until the Season 10 premiere to find out if everyone made it out of that boat safely.

The situation in the boat even led to rumors that Joe Minoso (he plays Joe Cruz) is leaving Chicago Fire.

This isn’t even the first time that the life of Kelly Severide has been left hanging in the balance during an important episode. Rumors of Taylor Kinney leaving Chicago Fire surfaced leading up to the Season 7 finale as well – when Severide was stuck in the basement with an arsonist. He survived, though.

Hopefully, when Chicago Fire returns for Season 10, we get some answers immediately after the episode begins. We may also need some answers about the fate of Grissom in the world of One Chicago if Cole does indeed join NCIS as a full-time cast member.

Chicago Fire returns in the fall of 2021 on NBC.

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Mr Clark
Mr Clark
2 years ago

Chicago Fire has the best characters bar none on US television. My favorite of the three and favorite US show overall. Characters run the gambit, Severide my favorite along with Cruz, Bowden a hard nose boss with the heart of a Giant, Squad and Truck, all bring something to the show. Miss Shay, Gabbie, Mills. Hopefully Severide returns and ties the knot with Stella, he can’t endure another love loss, has had way too many.