NCIS recap: Gibbs’ team gets help searching for serial killer

NCIS Season 19, Episode 2 was called Nearly Departed and it picked up in the timeline soon after the season premiere. On the first episode of the new NCIS season, we found out that Gibbs survived the boat explosion, but that he was no closer to learning the identity of the serial killer he had


NCIS cast: Gary Cole plays FBI Agent Alden Parker for first time

The NCIS cast will feature Gary Cole in his new role as FBI Agent Alden Parker during the new episode called Nearly Departed. Cole has been acting for a long time, and it was big news when we learned during the NCIS hiatus that he was joining the cast. It had been an expectation that


NCIS cast officially adds two people as full-time Season 19 characters

NCIS cast news seems to be coming out daily in regard to the three shows, and now some breaking news about NCIS Season 19 has also been revealed. As we reported yesterday, Mark Harmon is shifting to a part-time member of the NCIS cast in the fall. It means there is going to be a


Chicago Fire actor Gary Cole tapped for a big role on NCIS

Chicago Fire fans know Gary Cole as the Fire Commissioner and friend of Kelly Severide on the hit drama. For 13 episodes, Cole appeared as Deputy District Chief Carl Grissom (he was later promoted to CFD Fire Commissioner), where he brought a lot of drama and intrigue to the show. The backstory of the character


NCIS cast rumors: Gary Cole may join show for ‘major Season 19 role’

Huge NCIS cast rumors have just come out that link actor Gary Cole to the long-running CBS drama. A report from Variety states that Cole could be joining the NCIS cast for a “major Season 19 role” and that could really shake things up. When Emily Wickersham left the show on the season finale, we