NCIS cast officially adds two people as full-time Season 19 characters

Bishop And Gibbs Leave NCIS
The departure of Emily Wickersham and Mark Harmon stepping back will alter the Season 19 NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS cast news seems to be coming out daily in regard to the three shows, and now some breaking news about NCIS Season 19 has also been revealed.

As we reported yesterday, Mark Harmon is shifting to a part-time member of the NCIS cast in the fall. It means there is going to be a new person in charge of his former team, and two new characters are going to be in the running for that slot.

This also follows the shocking news that actress Emily Wickersham is not returning to NCIS. Her character, Agent Ellie Bishop, is off doing her own thing now, and we won’t see her at all in Season 19.

That brings us to the huge NCIS cast confirmations that were made today, as a brand new character and a returning character will become full-time members of the team in Season 19.

NCIS cast spoilers: Who replaces Gibbs and Bishop?

There had been rumors that actor Gary Cole was being courted by NCIS producers, and it seems that there is now a deal in place. According to Deadline, “Cole will play a new character, FBI Special Agent Alden Park.”

Park isn’t going to step into the shoes left vacated by Gibbs, but rather become a static presence on the show. He is a veteran actor who seems up to the task and he should bring something new to the program. It seems like he could be considered the new Tobias on the show. Maybe he has a past that ties him to another character?

Deadline has also confirmed that Katrina Law’s option for Season 19 was picked up. She appeared in the final two episodes of Season 18 as REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight. This was the character who lost her team during a huge story arc on the show, and now she is back as a full-time character and a member of Gibbs’ former team.

More news from the world of NCIS

NCIS: Hawaii has already begun filming. The cast took part in an official Hawaiian blessing and then began shooting episodes for Fall 2021 on CBS.

It was also revealed that the new NCIS spin-off will be airing on Monday nights, which should be a good spot for the new show.

On the negative side of things, NCIS itself has also been moved to Monday nights, with the show airing as the lead-in for the Hawaii-based spin-off. That could take fans a while to get used to in the fall.

The move by CBS may have served as foreshadowing to Mark Harmon stepping aside on the show. The writing for most of Season 18 likely got fans ready for the prospect of his character eventually leaving the show, but it’s still going to be a sad day when we have to witness Gibbs’ final episode.

As it stands, we are going to see a lot of Gary Cole and Katrina Law in place of Mark Harmon and Emily Wickersham during Season 19, but we also have a feeling that the NCIS cast changes aren’t done yet.

NCIS returns in Fall 2021 on CBS.

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