NCIS star Katrina Law went hiking in a lacy slip dress

Katrina Law went hiking recently and made some interesting choices for her clothing. Sporting a red lacy slip dress, Katrina bared her arms and shoulders as she went hiking near some snow. Many of her followers were very supportive of her wardrobe choices, and they let her know it. “Snow Bride???? In red,” one follower


NCIS: Higher Education promo released for fall finale

NCIS returns with a fall finale called Higher Education. This is going to be the last new episode before the long winter hiatus, and CBS has begun airing a TV promo for it. Previously, it was revealed that the NCIS fall finale will feature a returning character, giving the show something extra for the final


NCIS cast: Katrina Law takes off her clothes for a good cause

The NCIS cast now features Katrina Law as Agent Jessica Knight. It was at the end of Season 18 that Katrina joined the cast, with the writers knowing that Emily Wickersham (Bishop) was leaving the show. Recently, Emily shared a photo with her new baby, showing how she has been keeping busy since the last


NCIS spoilers: Katrina Law (Agent Knight) talks about finale, Ducky returns

NCIS spoilers were hinted at by Katrina Law, who plays Agent Jessica Knight on the NCIS cast. The show is getting closer to the Season 19 finale, which has been scheduled by CBS for May 2022. There are a lot of expectations from NCIS fans, including the need to see Mark Harmon reappear to play


NCIS cast: Who plays Special Agent Jessica Knight in Season 19?

The NCIS cast has a new main character in Special Agent Jessica Knight. Agent Knight appeared in two episodes at the end of Season 18, but now she becomes a primary character for Season 19 of the hit drama. NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight worked for a special branch of NCIS, but her entire


NCIS cast officially adds two people as full-time Season 19 characters

NCIS cast news seems to be coming out daily in regard to the three shows, and now some breaking news about NCIS Season 19 has also been revealed. As we reported yesterday, Mark Harmon is shifting to a part-time member of the NCIS cast in the fall. It means there is going to be a


NCIS cast for Rule 91: Season finale features Pam Dawber, Katrina Law

The NCIS cast for the episode called Rule 91 includes Pam Dawber and Katrina Law again. This is NCIS Season 18, Episode 16 and it marks the end of a tumultuous season for everyone involved. That includes not just the cast, but also the crew and the viewers. NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight debuted


Who plays Agent Knight on NCIS cast? Katrina Law joins show

The NCIS cast will feature Agent Knight for the final two episodes of Season 18. Knight was also teased in the promo for the next episode, which is certainly going to showcase what she can do on the job. The new character is NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight, who works for a special branch


NCIS cast: Actress joins show as new recurring character

The NCIS cast is adding another actress to its Season 18 episodes. Following the exit of Maria Bello and her character, Jack Sloane, there was a spot on the show to add someone new. It was just revealed that the spot will be filled by actress Katrina Law, who CBS viewers may already know from