NCIS star Katrina Law went hiking in a lacy slip dress

Katrina Law Dress
Actress Katrina Law is proud of her wardrobe choices. Pic credit: ©

Katrina Law went hiking recently and made some interesting choices for her clothing.

Sporting a red lacy slip dress, Katrina bared her arms and shoulders as she went hiking near some snow.

Many of her followers were very supportive of her wardrobe choices, and they let her know it.

“Snow Bride???? In red,” one follower posted with a heart emoji.

“It’s like a hiking cocktail party. Here for it,” wrote another Instagram user.

“Truly beautiful! Great photography!” a third person noted.

Katrina Law goes hiking in the show

In a new Instagram post, Katrina shared images and video clips of her recent trip up into the mountains.

There was even a night portion of the trip where their group enjoyed a campfire and the night sky.

Katrina is featured in many pictures while sporting that dress with some pants underneath.

“I firmly stand behind my hiking attire choices,” Katrina wrote in the caption.

Notes from Katrina’s followers

Below is a snippet of the responses that Katrina got on her Instagram post.

Katrina Law Fans
Fans of Katrina Law leave her notes. Pic credit: @KatrinaLaw/Instagram

More news about NCIS

Katrina Law is returning to the NCIS cast as Agent Jessica Knight.

Agent Knight is a newer character on the show, but she has an important role within the team.

Fans will see more of Knight when episodes from Season 21 finally debut on CBS.

It might be months until new episodes roll out because the Writers Strike has impacted production.

Without writers, most scripted dramas on television will get postponed.

The result could be a fall television season dominated by game shows and reality television.

CBS has already been preparing for that, and many reality shows are set to debut soon.

Television viewers could also see the return of shows that have aired in the past. For instance, a Survivor-themed Price is Right special is in the works.

More news about NCIS Season 21

Unconfirmed rumors from the show have caused some buzz on social media in recent months.

The rumors state that two NCIS cast members are upset at each other over who should get top billing.

Following the exit of star Mark Harmon, it did leave an opening for someone to step up. But the rumors have received no confirmation from a credible source.

While everyone waits for new episodes of the NCIS programs to begin airing, past content is available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS airs Monday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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