NCIS cast: Actress joins show as new recurring character

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The NCIS cast is getting a new actress in Season 18. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast is adding another actress to its Season 18 episodes. Following the exit of Maria Bello and her character, Jack Sloane, there was a spot on the show to add someone new.

It was just revealed that the spot will be filled by actress Katrina Law, who CBS viewers may already know from her time on Hawaii Five-0.

We will try hard to look past the coincidence that someone new to the NCIS cast appeared on a show in Hawaii right before a new NCIS spin-off will take place in Hawaii. But maybe it’s not a coincidence at all. Maybe this is a backdoor pilot.

Another interesting aspect with the hiring of Katrina Law is that her contract holds an option to bring her back for NCIS Season 19.

Katrina Law joins NCIS cast as Jessica Knight

According to Deadline, “Law will play NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight, a formidable REACT Team agent who specializes in hostage negotiations and handles daily high-risk operations with skill and precision. Sharp, athletic and tough, she was raised by a single mother and had to fight for everything in life and is damn good at it. Fiercely tenacious and with a wry sense of humor, Jessica is married to a stay-at-home dad who is raising their infant son.”

This sounds like a formidable character to join the show and certainly someone who could provide a strong screen presence. The bio also seems like someone who will bring a lot to the show if CBS ends up renewing NCIS for Season 19.

When will Katrina Law join the NCIS cast?

Fans will get to see the character of Jessica Knight appearing in the final two episodes of the current season. It appears that the episodes will be linked together, possibly involving a cliffhanger in the penultimate episode that gets settled during the season finale.

As we mentioned, Law is being brought on as a recurring character, but if NCIS Season 19 gets picked up by CBS, she could become a series regular for fall 2021 episodes. If NCIS Season 18 ends up being the end of the show, the door is opened wide for her to pop up on NCIS: Hawaii.

Law starred as Nyssa al Ghul on The CW’s Arrow, she played Quinn Liu on Hawaii Five-0, starred as Karen Beach on The Oath, and played Rebecca Lee on the Training Day television series.

She certainly has a wide range of characters that she has played in the past and Law comes to NCIS with a long list of credits to her name.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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