NCIS: Hawaii to become new NCIS spin-off at CBS

Mark Harmon NCIS
We would not be surprised to see Mark Harmon guest star on the NCIS: Hawaii cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Hawaii is reportedly in the works to debut soon on CBS. This would become the fifth NCIS show to be created from the franchise, presumably with the plan to begin airing episodes during fall 2021.

This news appears to come in conjunction with NCIS: New Orleans getting canceled, which will open up an hour in primetime for the new NCIS spin-off to debut.

For readers who balked at our mention that the Hawaii-based show would be the fifth one in the franchise, it may be because viewers never got to see NCIS: Red. The show was supposed to advance from a backdoor pilot, with the premise surrounding a mobile NCIS team.

Two episodes toward the end of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 showcased the team as it worked on a case in Idaho, but the network never moved forward with the stand-alone series.

Some of the people who were attached to NCIS: Red included John Corbett, Kim Raver, Edwin Hodge, Gillian Alexy, and Scott Grimes. The network must not have thought that it could survive as a stand-alone show, so NCIS: Red never got to air a true pilot.

NCIS: Hawaii announced for CBS

According to Deadline, NCIS: New Orleans executive producers/showrunner Christopher Silber and Jan Nash as well as SEAL Team writer-producer Matt Bosack will serve as the creators and executive producers for NCIS: Hawaii. It brings some continuity to the show in regard to having people with NCIS experience on board.

It appears that the plan with NCIS: Hawaii is for the show to begin naturally. With all of the previous NCIS spin-offs, major characters have appeared on one of the other shows first. Chris O’Donnell popped up on NCIS as G. Callen before the character debuted on NCIS: Los Angeles. The birth of NCIS: New Orleans happened in a similar fashion. According to Deadline, the Hawaii spin-off won’t begin on one of the other shows.

With shows taking place in Los Angeles and Hawaii at the same time, though, it’s easy to envision some crossovers taking place between the characters from each show.

When is NCIS: Hawaii going to air on CBS?

All of the information coming out about the new show is still tentative, so we don’t have a lot of facts to go along with it yet. We aren’t clear on who will be tapped to star on the show, nor are we confident what night NCIS: Hawaii will air on CBS. Hopefully, it doesn’t get buried in that 10/9c time slot on Sunday nights, as that never did NCIS: NOLA any favors.

Stay tuned, because as soon as we learn more information about the Hawaii spin-off, we will make sure to pass it on.

Currently, new episodes of NCIS: LA are continuing to air on Sundays, and the final episodes for NCIS: NOLA are also rolling out.

NCIS: Hawaii should air on CBS in fall 2021.

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