NCIS: New Orleans canceled: Series finale announced by CBS

Pride NCIS NOLA Season 7
The NCIS: New Orleans cast has come to the end of its road. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: New Orleans has been canceled by CBS. The show is currently airing Season 7 on CBS, and the final episodes will be shown this spring.

A report by Deadline Hollywood broke the news about the show reaching its conclusion. We also know when the series finale is going to air on CBS, so the gut-punch of the cancellation comes with some closure as well..

For long-time fans of NCIS: New Orleans, this is going to come as really sad news, but the ratings have been down again this season. During Season 6, the show brought in an estimated 6.66 million viewers each week, which was down from the 8.97 million viewers from Season 5. Prior to that, the show had routinely been bringing in more than 10 million viewers with each new episode.

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So far, through eight episodes of NCIS: New Orleans Season 7, the show is averaging an estimated 4.8 million viewers per episode. Those are the numbers from Live+Same Day viewers, with the show getting a few million more viewers during the week after each episode. The DVR viewers were also strong, but not strong enough to get Season 8 ordered by CBS.

The move to Sunday nights has been a rough one for the NCIS spin-off, and the fate of the show may have been decided by it getting buried late on Sunday evenings. For the time slot, NCIS: NOLA was still doing really well in the ratings, but that doesn’t appear to be good enough for the network.

When is NCIS: New Orleans series finale?

The NCIS: New Orleans series finale will air on Sunday, May 16 at 10/9c on CBS. It will be Episode No. 155 for the show and it gives the writers time to plan out the proper ending for the series. It will also give the network a lot of time to advertise that the show is coming to a close.

There is a semblance of good news within the announcement, as there is time for fans to prepare for the show to leave the air. The cancellation won’t come as a shock when the series finale finally airs in May 2021.

NCIS: New Orleans cast reacts to show getting canceled

A number of NCIS: New Orleans cast members have already posted on social media about the sad news.

Rob Kerkovich, who plays Forensic Agent Sebastian Lund on NCIS: NOLA, posted the tweet shared below.

CCH Pounder, who plays Dr. Loretta Wade on the show, simply shared a link to the article about the cancellation on her Twitter feed.

Producer Christopher Silber posted the following:

Some fans of NCIS: NOLA never quite recovered when Christopher LaSalle died on the show. Others had a difficult time adjusting to the show moving from Tuesdays to Sundays.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 continues this Sunday, with more episodes left to air before the series finale in May.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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2 years ago

That Sucks I would rather you got rid of NCIS LA

2 years ago
Reply to  Carol

I agree 100% loved the cast and the show!

2 years ago

CBS has treated the 2 NCIS shows on Sunday in a very poor fashion. This upcoming Sunday night episodes were cancelled due to Oprah interviewing Prince Harry & Megan. I ask who cares ? Is that important to hear from Prince Harry? Is he that important in the scheme of things? In the meantime two very good shows are once again interrupted for the season. NCIS NOLA still had stories to tell . I guess CBS decided to throw on of their 1 hour dramas overboard . Place any drama show on the schedule at 10 Sunday night and see what happens. So they are thinking of NCIS Hawaii? What does that mean for Magnum & Five-O- that their story over the seasons is null & void.? oh do not forget on March 14 their is another cancellation due to the Grammys.

Robert J Gilbert
Robert J Gilbert
2 years ago

In the era of the DVR and streaming services I don’t get why moving to a different day or time slot makes any real difference. I haven’t watched a prime time show at the time it airs in years, as I would rather wait and watch when i speed through commercials and the like. Sorry to see the show go but glad it will have an actual ending and not a season ending with no new season.