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What happened to Christopher Lasalle on NCIS: New Orleans? Why did Lucas Black leave NOLA?

Lucas Black as Christopher Lasalle on NCIS
Actor Lucas Black played NCIS Agent Christopher Lasalle for more than 100 episodes. Pic credit: CBS

Fans tuning in late to NCIS: New Orleans this season have missed a lot already. It has led to a number of questions — including what happened to Christopher Lasalle and why did Lucas Black leave NCIS: NOLA.

For viewers who missed Season 6, Episode 6 of the show (called Matthew 5:9), we have some really bad news. NCIS Special Agent Christopher Lasalle was murdered. The investigation into his death is still taking place.

Lasalle had been working on an investigation into the death of his brother, which led him to what seemed like an abandoned cabin. While he was inside with a woman who seemed to have information, a shooter stormed the cabin and ended up killing Lasalle. It was a very dramatic and unexpected moment for many fans.

Why did Lucas Black leave NCIS: NOLA?

The actor who played Lasalle missed spending time with his family. The filming schedule for a full-run of episodes on a show like this one can be difficult for anyone. For everyone on the NCIS: NOLA cast, it means taking a lot of time away from loved ones.

Black decided that he wanted to walk away and spend that extra time with his wife, Maggie O’Brien, and their two kids. The couple has a daughter named Sophie Jo and a son named Augusta “Gus” York.

Fans continue to post notes on social media about Christopher Lasalle and Lucas Black, as the character and actor are still greatly missed.

There have been some recent NCIS rumors about someone new joining the cast in his place, but an announcement hasn’t been made yet. It’s possible they are giving fans some time to accept the change.

NCIS: NOLA fall finale coming

The 2019 episodes for the show will wrap up with the fall finale on Tuesday, December 17.

We have a few spoilers and details about the episode for readers who want to jump ahead. It has the makings of a good one and it will be the last new episode until the show returns in February 2020. That’s a long wait, so don’t miss this one.

In regard to the NCIS: NOLA return date, let this serve as a reminder that the show is leaving Tuesday nights on CBS following the fall finale. When the show returns in February, it’s on a new night. FBI: Most Wanted will take over the 10/9c time slot on Tuesday nights.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.