NCIS spoilers: Is Sloane really leaving the cast during True Believer?

Sloane NCIS Cast
Maria Bello is leaving the NCIS cast and her character Jack Sloane has a final episode coming up. Pic credit: CBS

These NCIS spoilers may be one of the worst kept secrets by CBS this season, as most fans already know that actress Maria Bello is leaving the show.

The character of NCIS Special Agent Jaqueline “Jack” Sloane has been on the NCIS cast since Season 15, and it looks like the episode called True Believer will be her final one.

There have been quite a few hints revealed about this upcoming episode, including a clip that might explain why she is ready to walk away from the NCIS team. There have also been hints within recent episodes that she may have been running out of the energy necessary to do her job.

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Below is a clip of NCIS Season 18, Episode 8 (called True Believer) that definitely heavily hints that Sloane is giving Gibbs a goodbye speech.

NCIS spoilers: Sloane is leaving the show

In the NCIS sneak peek below, Sloane is shown relaxing on the couch in her office as Gibbs enters and talks about how they put the bad guy away already. It seems that this could be one of the final scenes of Season 18, Episode 8; we then see Gibbs picking up a book that appears to be a guide to Costa Rica.

“I wasn’t kidding the other day,” Sloane says to Gibbs. “I’m serious. I need a change. I’m ready for sun and sand and not facing a new murder every single day. I actually found a place near the beach. Putting in an offer.”

NCIS 18x08 Sneak Peek Clip 3 "True Believer"

Why is Maria Bello leaving NCIS?

Actress Maria Bello originally signed on to appear in three seasons of NCIS. She debuted during Season 15 in 2017 and was supposed to exit the show at the end of Season 17. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, though, filming of the final episodes for that season had to be canceled.

Bello then agreed to return for eight episodes in Season 18, and True Believer marks the eighth one of the season. It definitely looks like the plotline for True Believer and the sneak peeks for the episode seem to line up to have her character leaving the show, but that hasn’t been officially announced just yet.

Either way, Bello is leaving the show during the month of March.

Maria Bello On Joining ‘NCIS’ Family On Season 15

Could Bello appear on NCIS spin-off?

If the character of Jack Sloane survives her final episode of NCIS, maybe she could pop up on the new NCIS spin-off that is in the works. Early reports suggest it will be called NCIS: Hawaii, and it could debut in the fall on CBS.

The reason that CBS is working on a new spin-off is that the network decided to cancel NCIS: New Orleans. Scott Bakula and the rest of the NCIS: NOLA cast will appear in the series finale this May.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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