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FBI Tuesdays: which actors are vying for Emmys?

FBI Tuesdays
The FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International teams prepared for Tuesday nights on CBS. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI franchise is making a play for the Emmys. 

With early Emmy voting ballots going out, several actors are in the running for possible nominations.

While that may seem a long shot for some, the fact they’re trying does show the FBI shows have more dramatic power than some may expect.

FBI and its Emmy chances

While all three shows are hits, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International aren’t exactly considered critical favorites.

The three series are highly popular with viewers who praise some of the storylines yet fit more as action-oriented thrillers than the sort of shows Emmy voters go for. 

Still, all three shows are on the ballot for the Best Drama Series category. However, the odds are high given the huge number of high-profile dramas in the running. 

This year’s Emmy ballots saw an increase of possible nominations, with 171 shows running in the drama category. Many of those are seen as far more appealing to voters than the FBI shows, putting their odds lower. This also pertains to the acting categories.

Under Emmy rules, an actor can submit one episode of their choosing for voters to consider. This means each drama acting category has over a hundred performers trying to gain one of the six to eight slots available. 

That puts the odds against the FBI franchise pretty high, with scores of high-profile performances for voters to consider. Yet, some actors from the franchise are hopeful for a shot. 

Who in the FBI shows is vying for Emmys?

FBI Crossover
Julian McMahon, Roxy Sternberg, Miguel Gomez, Zeeko Zaki, and Missy Peregrym in the FBI crossover premiere event. Pic credit: CBS

For the main FBI show, it’s no surprise the two leads are each trying for nominations.

Missy Peregrym had some strong material this year as Maggie had to deal with her addict sister, which nearly ruined a case. There was also the powerful episode where Maggie almost died in a gas attack, with Peregrym selling the horror of the moment.

Zeeko Zaki is also trying as OA had to face a clash with a superior that challenged his beliefs. He also dealt with the attack on Maggie and its fallout. 

In the Supporting Actor category, Jeremy Sisto is vying as Jubal dealt with his son in danger and the shocking loss of his girlfriend, Rina. 

Also, John Boyd is trying as his Scola handled a case reminding him of his late brother and seeing an ex-flame joining the team. 

Finally, Kathleen Garrett is up in the Guest Actress category for her brief but memorable turn as Rina’s grieving mother confronting Jubal. 

It may be surprising neither of the two main leads for FBI: Most Wanted are in the running. It seems Julian McMahon elected not to submit his name after leaving the series despite how Jess’ final episode was an emotional one. 

Meanwhile, Dylan McDermott is not eligible as Emmy rules dictate an actor needs to be on the show for the majority of the season to qualify for a Leading Actor nomination, and McDermott only joined in Episode 17.

Interestingly, YaYa Gosselin is in the Supporting Actress field despite how her Tali left the series halfway through Season 3. 

The rest of the cast are in the Supporting categories, with Miguel Gomez (who left the series after the finale) up as Ortiz. Also, Keisha Castle-Hughes, whose Hana dealt with discovering a half-brother and Jess’s death, is in the Supporting Actress field.

Alexa Davalos made an impact with her Gaines showing some harsh tortures in her past and working with the team. Finally, Roxy Sternberg is trying as Barnes handled motherhood and trouble at home in some strong storylines. 

For FBI: International, Luke Kleintank is trying in the Leading Actor category as Forrester dealt with running the team among various family and relationship issues. Surprisingly, despite solid work from her, Heida Reed, who plays Forrester’s lover/partner Kellett, is not on the ballot. 

The rest of the cast is represented in the Supporting categories. Carter Redwood is vying for the episode where Raines attempts to rescue his kidnapped sister.

Vinessa Vidotto is up for her Vo character handling a friend in trouble. Finally, Christiane Paul is on the ballot as Jaeger nearly lost her job in a tough case. 

While the odds against any of these actors getting a nod are still high, the fact they’re in the running at all shows the FBI franchise has got some great dramatic chops to entertain their fans.

FBI Tuesdays air beginning with FBI at 8/7c Tuesdays on CBS.

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