FBI recap: an agent goes down in a stunning episode

Maggie (Missy Peregrym) is in danger in FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

After last night’s episode of CBS’s FBI, the FBI team is now down an agent.

Just after Scola ran an operation with an old flame, the team then had to race to stop a deadly terrorist attack.

But in the process, one agent faced mortal danger in last night’s episode titled Fear Nothing, and it will affect the FBI team for a long time to come. 

A dark threat emerged on FBI

Somewhere in New York, a man named Tom (Gabriel Lawrence) accepted a bag of cash, asking the other men to promise that “it will not be used in America.” He handed over a bag only to be gunned down. 

Agents Maggie and OA shared coffee at a cafe and talked about dating, with Maggie brushing off using Tinder. She mused about taking surf lessons and admitted she was afraid of the ocean. She asked if OA had any fears, but a phone call saved him.

The pair arrived at the crime scene to be told the victim was Tom Hamilton, who worked for the Federal Reserve. His widow, Angie (Sipiwe Moyo), drove up, devastated at what happened. She related that her husband was a good man, never in trouble. 

The team found a video of a car leaving the scene while Angie said they didn’t even have a computer. However, the team knew she was lying as Angie admitted Tom had become paranoid about a “revolution” against a “tyrannical government.”

She showed them Tom’s hidden room, stocked with weapons and evidence Tom had owned sarin gas. 

In interrogation, Angie admitted she suspected Tom stole the gas from the Army base he’d served at. She added Tom had cancer and that he likely sold the gas for money for her. 

OA had seen sarin gas used and knew its effects on a civilian population. He warned Maggie of its horrible effects and stressed that the team had to be ready. 

Texts indicated Tom was selling it to some men who wanted to use it in Syria, but they couldn’t understand how they would smuggle it out of the country. They realized the group had used Hamilton and then killed him once they had the sarin.

A camera caught Hakeen Abbas (Arash Mokhtar), an engineer with experience in chemicals. His sister, Zara (Gamze Ceylan), admitted she was worried about Hakeen’s anti-government talk after losing both his sons in an attack in Syria. He blamed the U.S. for the strikes. 

She tried to brush off the questions, but OA intensely threatened her with arrest. Zara revealed Hakeen had partnered with Nassar Ali (Mostafa Elmorsy), who shared his views.

The team raided the duo’s house, OA was about to bust down the door, but Maggie stopped him, having spotted a boobytrap inside.

An agent falls

OA found it odd that Abbas didn’t have the experience needed to set up a bomb. The pair’s car was found with Wallace and Scola finding it cleaned of evidence.

Using security footage, the team found Nassar, who was wanted for terrorist attacks on American soldiers overseas. An experienced insurgent, Nassar was clearly waiting for an attack.

Wallace and Scola caught up to Nassar on the street with him firing at them before running off.

The FBI and cops closed off the area as Nassar’s car contained materials to make several bombs.

A search indicated the car had been driven to the tech company Abbas had worked for, which had labs to make the bombs. OA and Maggie headed there, OA warning her they needed to wait for protective gear.

Wallace and Scola heard a gunshot and found an agent shot dead with his jacket missing. They managed to chase Nassar down but were forced to shoot him in self-defense. 

A burner phone on Nassar’s body indicted he’d called a warning to Abbas. Maggie and OA were at the lab with Isobel ordering them to go in, despite the lack of protection. 

The pair entered the building, finding it lined with boobytraps. Maggie was heading upstairs when she spotted Abbas, the pair trading gunfire. Ignoring OA’s warnings, Maggie chased Abbas into a lab to demand he surrender.

Maggie tried to reach Abbas about his sons, but he shot at her. Maggie gunned him down, but as he fell, Abbas knocked over a gas canister with the lab doors automatically sealing Maggie inside.

OA’s greatest fear

OA raced up as Maggie had to cover her mouth. OA tried to break down the door, but it was bulletproof. Maggie cried out for help with OA warning her to slow her breathing, only for Maggie to collapse. 

Isobel and Jubal told OA to wait, but he raced to find something to bust down the door. Viral expert Dr. Hollander (Mariette Booth) was brought up to tell OA that he’d be dead if he went in without a mask.

A frantic OA managed to find some sarin antidote and a painter’s mask before using a fire extinguisher to break down the lab window enough to open it.

He raced Maggie outside and injected her with the antidote just as the paramedics arrived. A tearful OA watched them take her away.

Jubal found OA recovering in the hospital to break it to him that they weren’t sure how much long-term damage Maggie had sustained. Jubal tried to stop OA from getting out of bed, but he insisted on seeing Maggie.

The rest of the team was by Maggie’s room, telling OA there was a “decent chance” she’d make a full recovery. OA headed inside, where Maggie was unconscious. 

Holding her hand, OA tearfully told Maggie, “I’m not gonna allow you to check out on me.” He pressed on, “I can’t do this without you,” still holding her hand as Maggie gave a slight nod.

This was an obvious way to write off a pregnant Missy Peregrym but still made for a powerful episode that will leave the FBI team shaken for a while. 

FBI Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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