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FBI: International: Luke Kleintank previews Forrester’s big case

FBI International
Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) faces a challenge on the FBI: International Season 1 finale. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: International is about to have one wild finale. 

Luke Kleintank is giving some hints to what comes for Scott Forrester on the Season 1 finale of the CBS spin-off and how it can affect the show for the coming year. 

It promises a wild finale that may change Forrester’s life forever.

Forrester’s journey on FBI: International

Scott Forrester’s journey on FBI: International has seen some ups and downs. The pilot episode ended with the revelation that Forrester and second-in-command Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed) were actually lovers. 

Forrester’s background is complicated as his mother, Angela, had been a spy herself until she sold secrets to Russia and vanished in 2005. 

Angela (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) returned to Scott’s life, claiming her “treason” was actually a secret operation from the CIA, but the CIA claimed Angela was a pure traitor.

Speaking to Deadline, Kleintank gave hints for the Season 1 finale, where the team investigates an airplane that’s shot down. He realizes one passenger not on the plane, named Hutchinson, is tied in with Angela’s claims she was working for the CIA.

To find out more, Forrester reaches out to a Russian spy played by veteran actor Alan Aboutboul. 

“There’s history in the sense of connected history. He’s a huge asset for him and his family so he’s protecting him but gets involved in a major car accident. They’re on the run in Croatia and a lot of crazy things are happening around them—lots of action. They get hurt along the way and they’re trying to survive.”

Given the episode is titled Crestfallen, Kleintank hints that may tie in with his character’s fate by the end of the episode. 

“That’s hard. I can’t say too much on that or I’ll give away. It does in a lot of ways to where he ends up—he is very crestfallen.”

Forrester and his big relationships

FBI International
Kellett (Heida Reed) and Forrester (Luke Kleintank) make small talk during a case on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Another question is the relationship between Forrester and Kellett. The pair did split up when Forrester wanted to lie about being together and Kellett didn’t want him to risk his own career for her.

They had a one-night stand since and Forrester tried to date a local woman in Hungary, but it ended badly when he mistakenly believed she was using him. 

Kleintank says the finale is a bit too packed to work in some relationship issues, but they will play into Season 2. 

“No, you’re not going to see more on that in the finale. The episode is action-packed and we’re bringing back a lot of people from prior episodes. We’ll be revisiting a lot of what we’ve set up in prior episodes so the relationship is put to the side for now. Their relationship is constantly evolving. They love each other but they’re kind of on this rocky road for the moment.”

There’s also one other important person in Forrester’s life: Tank, the team’s beloved dog sidekick. The hound had a brief health scare earlier in the season but is back on his feet. Thankfully, Kleintank assures fans Tank will play a role in the future. 

“Tank’s always there, he’s not going anywhere. He’s at the office busy doing paperwork. Sometimes he pops in and helps us solve crimes. He’s really a sweetheart. A lot of times with animals, it can be a little hard. We’re writing as much as we can for him. He’s part of the Fly Team so he’s not going anywhere. He was retired for a second but he’s working his back. He’s an old guy but he’ll come out of retirement.”

Kleintank’s words show that the FBI: International Season 1 finale will be a huge one for Forrester and the team to close out their strong first year.

FBI: International Season 1 finale airs Tuesday May 24 at 9/8c on CBS. 

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