FBI: International recap: Kellett is affected in a difficult manhunt

FBI: International
Forrester (Luke Kleintank) and Kellett (Heida Reed) handle a tough manhunt on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes, justice isn’t as clear-cut as it seems.

After dealing with spies and a rogue nuclear expert, the FBI: International team had to track who killed a major scumbag and realized the “victim” probably deserved it. 

Meanwhile, Kellett had some personal issues distracting her from a difficult case. 

A ‘victim’ who wasn’t that innocent

In a room made up to look like a nice bedroom, a young woman (Jasmin Pitt) was being ordered to take her clothes off by a man (James Payton) with a camera. Another woman (Whoopie Van Raam) ordered her to undress or else.

A buzzer rang with the man answering the door and gunshots ringing out. The women saw the man bleeding from a very uncomfortable spot before running off. 

In Budapest, Kellett was talking to her mother, Julianne (Christina Rouner) who wanted her to come home. Kellett confessed how she was dating a co-worker with her mother responding “again?” She also indicated Kellett was running away after something happened in her past. Kellett responded that “maybe I was running toward something.”

Raines was teasing Vo on the clerk at their coffee shop being into her only to discover they’d been on two dates. The victim was Lloyd Eckersley who’d been on the FBI Most Wanted list with partner Fred Dobbins (Nick Basta)

Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon) popped in on video chat to explain Eckersley and Dobbins had tricked a hundred women in Florida into taking part in videos that ended up on a pornography site. The two fled the country to avoid the mountain of charges from coercion to fraud and releasing the names of the women as payback.

One, Kayla Clancy, ended up committing suicide. LaCroix summed up these two as “the scum of the Earth” and Dobbins was out there.

In Prague, the team met with Jaeger, who noted the irony that in a city as safe as Prague, the police force “was not, shall we say, robust.” Detective Marta Novak (Laura Baranik) shared they had few clues but that Prague was “the pornography capital of Europe.”

Between nothing valuable taken and Eckersley’s wounds, the team mused this was personal. The team tracked Antek Kral (Nikolaos Brahimllari), the owner of the website Eckersley had been using. He brushed off knowing either man personally and that the women “knew what they were signing up for” while having little worries about his safety. 

The team learned that Jim Clancy (Brian Keane), Kayla’s father, had flown into Prague a few days earlier. Kellett shared with Forrester her issues with her mother as he encouraged her to visit her mom. They confronted Clancy, who claimed to have nothing to do with the murder and that Kral had sent a box of chocolates after Kayla’s death. 

Looking at the wrong family member

Showing how light the Prague police force was, the best Novak could give them was two off-duty officers. Andre managed to crack the computer to find the video Eckersley had been filming when he was shot with the woman identified as Pavlina Dudek. 

Meeting at a park, Pavlina confirmed she hadn’t seen the shooter and had realized quickly she had gotten into a bad situation. She identified the other woman as Adela Buzek who recruited women for the movies and was grateful to the killer for getting her out of this mess. 

The Fly Team tracked Adela to her apartment, where she was already packing to get out of town. She’d worked for him for three months with almost 25 girls hired. Adela gave up Dobbins’ location…for a hefty fee. 

Hunting Dobbins’ location, Forrester was nearly run over by him. A chase ensued with Dobbins trying to escape on foot but the team quickly arrested him. 

In lockup, Dobbins claimed to have no idea who killed Eckersley and his cracks about the women nearly had Kellett ready to punch him. He did share how he’d have threats, not from Jim Clancy but his other daughter, Ella (Molly Brown). 

Ella had been a bright and funny student but after Kayla’s death, she took a dark turn, posting photos of herself with a gun and backpacking in Europe with a message of how the men responsible for Kayla “will get theirs.”

Who’s the real victim?

After trying to play dumb, Jim admitted he’d come to Prague tracking Ella, worried about what she’d do. He begged them to help her as he couldn’t lose both his daughters.

The track tracked Kral to a local park with Kellett distracted by a phone call from her mother about a “difficult anniversary.” 

Kellett found Ella crying in a nearby alley and told her to dump her bag just before Forrester showed up. Forrester seemed ready to let the locals handle the rest now that Dobbins was in custody but Kellett insisted on talking to the Clancys. 

Kellett went to Jim first who quickly confessed to the killing but that it had been a struggle and ultimately self-defense. Jaeger summed up that Kellett had handed Clancy an easy out as the worst he’d get would be two years in jail. 

Raines was able to clear all the content used against the women on the website and evidence of Kral being involved in money laundering, although sadly the videos of the women were still out there. 

Ella and her dad had an emotional goodbye, Forrester clearly believing Clancy was covering for his daughter. Dobbins tried to claim asylum with Novak hilariously asking “is that an energy drink?”

Forrester warned Kellett that she had to “keep her compass aligned” with Kellett wanting to take a few days off. She sent Ella off while sharing how she’d had a sister herself. It was obvious Kellett knew Ella had killed Eckersley but gave the girl a break for ridding the world of a first-class scumbag.

At a bridge, Kellett dropped Ella’s bag, with the murder weapon, into the river. She then took a photo for her mother before walking off into the night. 

Amid a tricky case, there was some insight into Kellet’s past and the realization she’s hiding trauma from everyone, even Forrester, which drives her. 

FBI: International returns with new episodes Tuesday, December 7 at 9/8c on CBS.

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