FBI recap: Scola has to deal with an ex in a dangerous case

Wallace (Katherine Renee Turner) and Scola (John Boyd) check out a crime scene on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

There’s nothing to complicate a case more than working with an ex.

Last week on CBS, the FBI team handled a shooting of a Congressman, but last night they discovered a murder case was tied to a drug gang.

This had Scola in the uncomfortable position of meeting an old flame in this week’s episode titled One Night Stand. 

A dark double murder occurs on FBI

At a New York park, a woman complained of stomach aches and needed to go to the hospital. Her boyfriend was telling a stranger they needed help only to be shot before the man stabbed the woman. 

Scola and Wallace talked about Scola’s latest date going well, thanks to his new open attitude. They then got the call about the bodies, identified as John Krause and Julia Miller. The agents were thrown by how Julia had been gutted open. 

A search showed the two had just returned from Mexico, Julia, a college student with a clean record, and John, her boyfriend. Suspiciously, the two had posted no photos from a trip to Cancun and didn’t even have phones.

Maggie and OA talked to Julia’s mother, Beth, (Monica McCarthy) who was naturally devastated. She had no idea of any problems with the pair but was surprised to hear about the Mexico trip. 

The coroner found evidence Julia had been smuggling cocaine, which explained both her stomach aches and why someone cut her open. She and John had tried to earn money smuggling, only for it to go horribly wrong.

A car picking the two up from the airport was owned by Benny Gomez (Danny Garcia), a low-level dealer. Wallace and Scola checked out his house as Benny came home and took off, running to escape them.

The team tracked Benny’s car to a warehouse and found him talking to someone. They arrested the pair only for the woman (Shantel VanSanten) to address Scola by name and ask what he was doing.

Scola walks into a tougher case

The woman turned out to be Nina Chase, an undercover FBI agent who was working Benny to get closer to the Regents drug gang and their leader Octavio Lopez (E. Ambriz DeColosio).

She refused to believe Benny could have done this, and she would be in on the talk. Scola also apologized “for what happened last year,” with Nina brushing it off.

Isobel told Scola to run with the case before she got a call from the director. Gomez denied being involved with the murders, Nina pushing him to talk. He admitted he was a last-minute fill-in for a sick driver and was going to bring them to Octavio, but Julia got sick, and they walked to the park. 

Gomez called Lopez, who told him to “let me take care of it.” He realized what happened and panicked, causing him to run, but his alibi later checked out.

Isobel wanted to have Benny wear a wire to get a confession from Lopez, but Nina was worried it would ruin her chance to capture the big boss, Hector “El Perro” Garcia. 

Scola suggested getting the confession from Lopez but keeping it quiet until they got El Perro, with Isobel and Nina both agreeing. Benny was nervous, but Nina got him on track to play dumb on the murders.

Nina pressed on Scola keeping to the plan with some obvious tension between the pair. Gomez headed to Lopez’s mansion, trying to keep it casual, but Lopez was instantly suspicious. 

Gomez suggested his “contact” Nina wanted to meet Lopez on a deal. Gomez was ready to leave with Scola upset and he and Nina argued before Wallace played peacemaker. 

Nina stormed out as Scola admitted to Wallace that he and Nina had a one-night stand and he never called her back.

They watched Nina get some of Lopez’s DNA from cigarettes in his trash while Wallace mocked Scola for blowing his chance with such a smart woman. 

The exes aren’t getting along well

Lopez’s DNA didn’t match the crime scene as Isobel said they were taking over the case, which Scola knew Nina wouldn’t like. Sure enough, she was upset with Scola trying to apologize for what happened between them, but Nina was all business about meeting El Perro.

The team headed to a club where Lopez was showing up to meet Nina while the rest of the team mingled among the clubgoers. Nina pretended to represent some dealers in Toronto, hoping to use Lopez as they haggled on the price before Lopez demanded half the money upfront.

As Nina played being on the phone, Lopez was getting nervous around Garcia. The team suddenly realized Lopez didn’t smoke, meaning the DNA on the cigarettes wasn’t his, so he might be the killer after all. Scola grabbed a glass Lopez had left behind.

Isobel was getting heat from the director on this as Scola related El Perro had agreed to a meeting. He and Nina put together the money with Nina making it clear she considered El Perro the priority. Scola assured her he had her back. 

Scola helped Nina apply a wire, the pair clearly feeling sparks being so close together. Wallace was worried that Lopez was running late with no activity at his house. Gomez arrived at the scene with Nina insisting she could trust him. 

A double-cross but a warm ending

Gomez met the agents to say Lopez wanted to meet Nina before the deal as the DNA tests proved he was the killer. 

Nina met Lopez with Scola posing as her partner. Lopez took her picture to send to El Perro as only Nina was to meet him. The team didn’t like the plan changing, with Isobel ordering Scola to arrest Lopez on the spot. 

Lopez tried to shoot back and was arrested, with Nina outraged at Scola. Lopez was willing to cut a deal as Isobel apologized to Scola for jumping the gun.

Lopez confessed to the murders on El Perro’s orders and was willing to give up anything on his boss to save himself. 

A comment from Lopez made Scola realize El Perro was planning to rob and kill Nina. He tried to call her, but she’d already gone for the meeting with El Perro. They tracked her and Gomez there just as El Perro (Hans Marrero) showed up. 

A gunfight ensued with El Perro and his men and Nina and Benny were wounded. Scola shot a gunman about to get the drop on Nina before Wallace gunned down El Perro. 

Thankfully, Nina and Gomez were okay, with Scola apologizing for both the case and never calling her back. He insisted he’d changed and even asked her out for dinner. She ended up agreeing as they shared an elevator ride. 

It was a good focus on Scola and hopefully his new romance works out much better this time.

FBI Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS. 

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