Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 11 will feature Upton in a very personal storyline

Upton On Chicago P.D.
Tracy Spiridakos stars as Hailey Upton on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

The new episode of Chicago P.D. will focus a lot on Detective Hailey Upton as she is forced to confront her own childhood traumas due to a case that really hits home.

Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 11 is called Signs of Violence, directed by Bethany Rooney. In fact, all of the new episodes of the One Chicago shows are directed by women that will air on Wednesday night.

The last episode of Chicago P.D. focused almost entirely on Adam Ruzek. His father was abducted, and Ruzek — with the help of Intelligence — had to figure out what happened to him before the hour was up.

It turned out Bob Ruzek was taking payoffs from a gang, but when all of the criminals who knew about it died in the episode, Voight ended up burying the case.

Now, while we still want to know more about what is going to happen between Ruzek and Kim Burgess after he closed the door in her face, it looks like Chicago P.D. is going to shift to a night about Upton and Halstead.

That’s a good thing because fans have been wondering why Halstead has taken a back seat in many recent episodes.

“I was surprised to see that, even in season eight, all the actors care deeply about the show and are fully engaged in making it the best it could be.

Jason Beghe [Voigt] sets the tone, and everyone is enthusiastically on board,” director Bethany Rooney stated about her time working on the episode.

Chicago P.D. Signs of Violence synopsis

NBC presented a long synopsis for the episode that will air for the first time on Wednesday, April 7. It looks like there is a lot of ground to cover on the night and that Upton will get a lot more screen time than usual.

“A wellness check on a family reveals signs of foul play, and Detective Upton is determined to find the parents and young daughter; as she delves further into the troubled family dynamics, she reflects on her own childhood trauma.”

Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 11 TV promo

Below is the TV promo that NBC is currently airing for the episode called Signs of Violence.

Wednesday night will begin with an all-new episode of Chicago Med that will focus a lot on April Sexton as she puts her job at risk again.

It seems that following her life-saving actions in the last episode that she is ready to play doctor again. But will the results end up differently this time around?

Regarding the Sexton family, the actor who played Noah Sexton will star in a new Paranormal Activity movie. This makes it less likely that he will return to the show again, but anything can happen in the world of television.

And that’s why we tune in every week to One Chicago.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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