Chicago Med actor joins cast of new Paranormal Activity movie

Roland Buck On Chicago Med
Roland Buck III played Noah Sexton on the Chicago Med cast for years. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med cast member Roland Buck III has signed on to star in the seventh Paranormal Activity film.

For years, Buck starred as Noah Sexton on Chicago Med, with many of his episodes featuring storylines of sister April Sexton bailing him out.

His character didn’t appear on Chicago Med Season 6 until later in the season when it appeared that the character was getting written off the show. That would make sense if Buck intended to go on to other projects.

Since this is television we are talking about, it’s always possible that Noah Sexton could appear on the show sometime down the road. Gabby Dawson did it on Chicago Fire, so it’s already something the world of One Chicago has explored.

Roland Buck III in Paranormal Activity 7

For anyone who has not seen any of the Paranormal Activity films, they are basically ghost stories done with first-person filming. We are led to believe that the stories really took place and that the footage we are watching was left behind by the people involved in the stories.

Below is a trailer for the first Paranormal Activity film, giving a feel for what is seen in the movies.

Roland Buck III and his other Hollywood endeavors

Outside of his work on the Chicago Med cast, Roland Buck III appeared on an episode of Better Call Saul. He was also seen as Greaser in the movie Sleight and has two movies in post-production that are called Taking the Fall and Motion Detected.

Even though his time on Chicago Med may have come to an end after 37 episodes, it looks like he will continue getting parts in films and that success with the new Paranormal Activity feature could lead to even more jobs.

More One Chicago news

On the last episode of Chicago Med, April Sexton had an important story arc. She came across a construction site where a man was seriously injured and she jumped right in to try to help him. She ended up saving his life and got some kudos from one of the surgeons back at the hospital.

The latest episode of Chicago P.D. focused on Ruzek and his father. Ruzek ended up finding out just how dirty his pops had become on the job, but the sins of his father ended up getting buried by Voight in order to keep the Ruzek name clean. The episode ended with Ruzek upset at Burgess for not trusting him to do his job the right way.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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