One Chicago: All three new episodes directed by women

Crockett And Manning Chicago Med
New episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. air on April 7. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The new episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. that will air this week on NBC were all directed by women.

It’s a big night for the One Chicago shows, as it will showcase three talented female directors – SJ Main Muñoz (Chicago Med), Brenna Malloy (Chicago Fire), and Bethany Rooney (Chicago P.D.).

This will all take place on the evening of Wednesday, April 7 and it will mark a night packed with new content for the fans.

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As a quick recap, on the last episode of Chicago Med, we saw Halstead and Choi clash over the care of a pregnant patient. April also saved the life of a man at a construction site.

On the last installment of Chicago Fire, we saw Casey dealing with his injury and Violet reappearing in a big way. Violet Mikami will be a big part of the Chicago Fire cast moving forward.

And then we saw Ruzek try to save his dad on Chicago P.D. In the end, Voight ended up covering for the elder Ruzek and the relationship between Adam and Kim Burgess is now strained.

Chicago Med directed by SJ Main Muñoz

This new episode of Chicago Med will be the third one that Main Muñoz has directed. She will also be behind the camera of an upcoming episode of Chicago P.D. and she was invited to join the prestigious Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) last year.

This episode of Chicago Med is called Letting Go Only to Come Together and there are a number of important storylines that will be covered.

“Natalie and Crockett continue to navigate the complications of maintaining a romantic relationship while working at Med. It’s always such fun working with Torrey DeVitto and Dominic Rains. They are super lovely individuals on and offscreen!” Main Muñoz said about the Natalie and CrockettMain storyline.

“This week, viewers will see Dr. Charles bonding with a patient very similar to himself. It’s a touching storyline to watch, just as it was fun to film working with the talented Oliver Platt alongside notable guest star James Eckhouse,” she added about a Dr. Charles storyline.

Chicago Fire directed by Brenna Malloy 

A Student Academy Award winner for her MFA thesis film Rocket, Brenna Malloy directed the Chicago Fire episode called A Couple Hundred Degrees. In the episode, a new recruit is going to test Severide’s patience and Violet gets a mysterious note before setting out to find the author with the help of Sylvie Brett.

“One of my favorite scenes this episode is with Severide and his recruits at the real Chicago Fire Academy. Telling stories about Chicago’s heroes, in the actual place where they’ve been training for over fifty years, brought a wonderful sense of realism to the story,” Malloy said about the new episode.

“One of my favorite scenes in this episode is a scene at Molly’s. A wonderful part of the Chicago Fire story is the value and importance of community. With so many characters connected visually here, we really see how these people will always be there for each other — through thick and thin,” Malloy added.

Chicago P.D. directed by Bethany Rooney

The episode of Chicago P.D. that was directed by Bethany Rooney is called Signs of Violence. It is going to involve a case that has Detective Hailey Upton reflecting upon her own past and possibly reliving the trauma that she experienced. It will wrap up the night of all-new One Chicago episodes.

“The writer of the episode, Gwen Sigan, is another woman in this creative female group who wrote an amazing script.  It was full of little jewels of dialogue, little precise and observant touches that commented on our shared humanity,” Rooney said about the writing for the episode.

“Tracy Spiridakos, the actress who plays Upton, committed wholeheartedly to this story, and it required an emotional deep dive every single day. It was a joy for me to ‘go there’ with her,” Rooney went on to say about the episode itself.

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. air Wednesdays beginning at 8/7c on NBC.

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