Chicago Fire recap: One crazy realization

Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey in Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Am I crazy or was that a Brettsey light at the end of the tunnel?

Last night’s Chicago Fire brought us one step closer to Casey finally taking care of his injury, a pretty peculiar case and a tentative Brettsey reapproximation. Not only that, but we also got a new partner for Brett! Are we keeping Violet full-time now? Because I definitely like her.

One Crazy Shift was another solid episode, following Mackey’s shocking exit last week. While it was still very much a bridge installment, it felt like we are finally getting somewhere with these dangling storylines they introduced in the past couple of episodes.

One crazy call

What started as a normal shift quickly turned into another case for our play detectives Casey and Severide. When a call to a laundry service fire comes in, they’re surprised by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any plausible cause for the fire to have started. Their concerns escalate even more when a dryer randomly explodes, nearly taking out Kidd in the process.

But things start to get weird when they get their second call for a structure fire that day and it’s the exact same process. The fire started in the dryers — seemingly out of nowhere.

Two weird identical cases on the same day? That definitely warrants an investigation. Because Truck 81 blew a tire during their second call — during which Stella made a heroic move and saved two teenagers from being run over by the truck — Casey’s crew is out of service, for the time being, so he and Severide decide to go back to the first fire scene to investigate.

After talking to one of the employees, they notice something wrong with the detergent used at the laundry service. After further investigation, they conclude that some combustible chemical was used by mistake during the detergent production, which turns out to be a critical issue, as the product has been distributed to hundreds of businesses all over Chicago.

Severide stays behind to assist with contacting every single customer, but there’s still one truck out for delivery that is unaccounted for because the driver won’t answer his phone. So they ping the truck’s GPS and thankfully find it before it ignites.

When Casey and Boden get there, the truck is already fuming with enough explosive detergent to level an entire block. They manage to thwart the situation and avoid an even bigger tragedy.

It was a very cool case and a departure from the usual ones. Here’s hoping we get more of those in the future.

Casey’s injury and Brettsey

It’s been three episodes. Casey definitely needs to get his head checked by an actual doctor and not just down all the aspirin he can find. I know Matt Casey is a stubborn dude, but come on. This is verging on ridiculous now. It’s a head injury. It’s serious. He’s a grown man responsible for an entire team, which was really the best way the writers thought he would handle this situation? Please.

Ignoring the problem for one episode is one thing, but for three? It was getting ridiculous, and it paints him as an incredibly irresponsible guy. It took Gallo pointing this out for him to finally start to consider the possibility that he wasn’t dealing with this in the best way possible.

So I’m glad that they finally decided to have him put his big boy pants on and at least talk to Will about it. I truly, truly hope that he follows Will’s advice before something even more serious happens.

That being said, for those of you that were worried that Brettsey was not moving forward, we finally saw them getting closer again. Not only that, we saw that Sylvie is not at all that serious about Grainger and is still very much into Casey. Just like Casey is still very much into her. So let’s hope this head injury storyline serves at least to bring them even closer together.

Other highlights of Chicago Fire

  • I love, love, love that Violet is coming to Firehouse 51 full time. Not only because she’s cool as hell, but because Gallo becomes an adorkable mush whenever he’s around her and it’s just a blast to watch.
  • Mouch’s whole little subplot was hilarious, especially because he was so bad at playing bagpipes.
  • Any Stella/Sylvie scene always gives me life, but Stella telling her that Violet had jinxy energy was just awesome.
  • I wonder if we’re going to see more of Veronicat? Because I need it.
  • Stella meeting her idol represented every fangirl in the world.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8C on NBC.

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