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Chicago Fire cast fears finale: ‘We’re all freaking out every year. No one is ever safe’

Mouch And Cruz Chicago Fire
Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz and Christian Stolte as Mouch on Chicago Fire Season 10. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire cast is nearing another season finale for the show, with Season 10 coming to an end in late-May.

And with a season finale on a drama like this one, there are often moments where the main characters are put in dangerous positions, possibly with the intent being for the writers to kill them off.

On the Chicago Fire Season 9 finale, four main characters were trapped underwater on a boat. While they all survived in a dramatic Season 10 rescue during the premiere, Chicago Fire fans spent all summer worrying that a character(s) was about to die.

The worries are there again as the Chicago Fire Season 10 finally approaches, and one of the stars of the show spoke about how there is certainly a lot of nervousness that can come from the cast.

Joe Minoso (Joe Cruz) speaks about Chicago Fire finale

“I think for Chicago Fire and PD, the cast worries [about their characters dying]. Med, it’s a little harder for the doctors to die, but it is definitely something that’s always at the back of your head. Any given episode can be your last,” actor Joe Minoso told Us Weekly.

Minoso, who plays firefighter Joe Cruz on the Chicago Fire cast, wasn’t exactly correct about Chicago Med, as those characters are often also put in life-or-death situations in or near the season finale. In fact, Dr. Ava Bekker killed herself after murdering the father of Dr. Connor Rhodes during a previous season’s final episode.

“This time of year, especially, everybody’s like, ‘Oh man, what’s gonna happen in the finale? What’s gonna happen in the finale?’ We’re all freaking out every year. No one is ever safe. And you try to say, I feel, like, pretty good,'” Minoso elaborated to Us Weekly.

“Typically when you get to the last two, three episodes if your story line is lighter, you’re kind of happier about it because it means they’re not really focusing on the character. So hopefully they’re not gonna kill you off,” Minoso went on to say.

More One Chicago news about Chicago Fire

There is a new episode of Chicago Fire on April 20 that fans won’t want to miss. After that, though, Chicago Fire has another hiatus before airing the final episodes of the season.

For any fans who need a reminder of what happened to Sylvie Brett on the show, here is a reminder of what took place last month.

The showrunners also have an idea for a One Chicago crossover event that would certainly be memorable. Maybe it is something that can be put in place for Chicago Fire Season 11.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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  1. Chicago Fire, Chicago PD & Chicago Med are among the three best shows currently on NBC. These actors and actresses play their roles so well and it lets people see what it is like to deal with all of these different situation which happen in real life. I was born and raised in Chicago and lived there for 25 years and then moved away. It is great seeing my old hometown and many of the neighborhoods that I use to hang out it. I hope & pray that the show will be back for a season 11, 12 and beyond. Keep up the outstanding work cast and crew.


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