Whitney Way Thore responds to claims she’s had weight loss surgery

Whitney Way Thore is known for her big personality, and she’s used to her size being a topic of conversation. Lately, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has been sporting a noticeably smaller frame on social media, which has sparked claims about weight loss surgery. The 39-year-old responded to rumors she went under the


What happened to Babs from My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Babs Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life was a force to be reckoned with. She lit up the screen when she was on, and her sense of humor was endearing. Whitney Way Thore and her parents starred in the TLC show throughout the run, with viewers growing attached to Babs and Glenn. Last season,


My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns with the most emotional season ever

Buckle up, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans, because the upcoming season will be the most emotional one yet. TLC just released the Season 11 trailer, and the tears were flowing as Whitney Way Thore, her brother Hunter and her dad, Glenn, laid Barbara “Babs” Thore to rest. The cameras were filming when family and friends


MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore reveals Babs’ death

Whitney Way Thore shared the devastating news that her beloved mom, Babs Thore, passed away. My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers fell in love with the matriarch of the Thore family as her quick wit and loving nature exuded during each episode of the TLC hit show. Last season, Whitney navigated her mother’s second stroke


MBFFL: When was Chase Severino’s baby born?

On a new episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore will learn that Chase Severino welcomed his daughter. It is a sore subject for the reality star as she was once engaged to this man. He cheated on her, which led to a baby being born. News of the infidelity broke in