My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Who is Lennie? Whitney Way Thore’s ex-boyfriend reappears

Lennie Alehat on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.
Lennie is back to visit Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Pic credit: TLC

Whitney Way Thore got a huge surprise when she found Lennie Alehat in her house.

It has been an intense couple of weeks on My Big Fat Fabulous Life and seeing an old friend may be just what Whitney needs to help her feel better.

Lennie is a familiar face to My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans as he appeared on Season 2, 3, and 4 before his relationship with Whitney ended.

Who is Lennie Alehat?

Seeing Lennie Alehat appear on My Big Fat Fabulous Life during the most recent episode was shocking. She had mentioned he reached out to her following the very public ending of her relationship with Chase Severino due to his infidelity and a child resulting from the affair.

Viewers will remember he and Whitney were in a relationship in the earlier seasons of the show. He was around from Season 2 through Season 4. Ironically, their connection ended over alleged infidelity, and now, he is the one attempting to console her following what Chase did.

Next week, Lennie is revealed to be spending time with Whitney. She comments about him in the trailer for the upcoming episode, alluding to the fact he didn’t just pop by and he stayed a while. Even Buddy jokes and asks if they slept together.

Despite their breakup, Whitney Way Thore remained supportive of Lennie Alehat. In fact, when he appeared on an episode of Catfish, she supported him as well. There isn’t bad blood, and his attempt to reach out and be there for her was a sweet move on his part.

There is still interest in art for Lennie Alehat. He currently shares his work on Instagram. It is also worth noting that Whitney Way Thore and her friends still follow Lennie, so there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood at all.

Why is Whitney Way Thore having a tough time?

Last season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Chase Severino proposed to Whitney Way Thore while they were in France. She accepted and the two were due to walk down the aisle and build a life together.

Unfortunately, Chase cheated on her and got someone else pregnant. His baby mama was someone he knew before his relationship with Whitney, and he chose to be there for her and their daughter, ending things with the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star.

Back in May, she posted about the incident on social media revealing they were no longer together. As she mourns the relationship, she is going to need her friends. Buddy is staying with her and now, Lennie is in the mix.

To find out what Lennie Alehat and Whitney Way Thore do, be sure to tune in next week.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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