Whitney Thore’s dad Glenn Thore suffers ‘broken bone’ in car accident — Here’s what we know

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore screenshot
Whitney Way Thore shares an update on her dad Glenn Thore. Pic credit. TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Glenn Thore was recently in a car accident, and he suffered a broken bone as a result.

His daughter, Whitney Way Thore, shared the news on social media and explained exactly what happened and how Glenn is doing today.

Interestingly, though, Whitney had to clap back at some critics in the comment section who didn’t listen to a word she said in the video.

People were quick to proclaim that Glenn — who celebrated his 77th birthday in February — should no longer be behind the wheel, even though the accident was not his fault.

Whitney didn’t take too kindly to those suggestions, and she responded to one of the naysayers on social media.

The accident was extra scary for Whitney and her brother Hunter who are still mourning the loss of their mom Barbara “Babs” Thore.

Babs passed away in late 2022, and her funeral will be featured in the upcoming season of the show.

Meanwhile, Whitney is holding on to her dad a little tighter today, and rightfully so.

Whitney Way Thore says her dad Glenn has a broken bone after his car accident

The TLC star took to Instagram to share the scary details about Glenn’s accident, which occurred close to her home.

Her video showed the two cars involved in the crash were beaten up, but thankfully, no one was badly hurt.

Whitney explained in the clip that Glenn was “trying to cross an intersection when a driver, coming the opposite way, ran their red light [and] slammed into him.”

Whitney took Glenn to the ER because he thought he had broken his ribs.

However, six hours of undergoing scans and X-rays “determined that he didn’t break his ribs, but he does have a broken bone in his ankle and he’s got a very large hematoma on his leg.”

“He’s in a lot of pain,” added Whitney.

The 39-year-old also noted that the other driver and passenger were okay but “just really shaken up.”

“This helicopter daughter is helicoptering! 🚁 Hug your daddies tight. Glenn Thore will be protected at all costs!” noted the TLC star in her post.

Whitney Thore claps back at a critic who claims her dad should not be driving

After sharing the details of her dad’s accident, one critic responded, “Looks like he no longer should be driving.”

However, Whitney refused to let the comment slide, and she instantly clapped back.

She reiterated that a teenage driver ran into her dad’s car and noted, “It’s probably the 19-year-old who shouldn’t be driving.”

Whitney Way Thore claps back at a critic
Pic credit: @whitneywaythore/Instagram

“I know your comment was off-hand and you didn’t think about it, but that’s the exact problem: you didn’t think,” Whitney continued. “It was flippant and insensitive — just pause for 2 seconds next time before you vomit your thoughts in a comment, okay?”

Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life premieres Tuesday, September 5 at 9/8c on TLC.

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10 months ago

Glenn should continue driving as long as he is able and he is able since the kid ran the red light and hit him. Why do you think he should not be driving? you are an idiot for saing that. He is well able to anything he wants at 77 years of age.