Whitney Way Thore begs for hateful comments to stop as her family continues to mourn her mom’s death

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore Instagram selfie
Whitney Way Thore pleads with viewers to stop with the hate. Pic credit: @whitneywaythore/Instagram

The Season 11 trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life was recently released, and some people were outraged by some of the scenes.

However, the star of the show Whitney Way Thore is urging viewers to stop with the hateful comments.

Whitney, her dad Glenn and her brother Hunter are still in mourning after losing family matriarch Barbara “Babs” Thorne in late 2022.

However, the family is now being bombarded with nasty comments because they chose to bring the TLC cameras along to film Babs funeral.

Monsters and Critics recently shared some of the criticism by viewers of the long-running show, who felt Bab’s sending-off should have been a private matter.

Nonetheless, it’s fair to assume that Bab’s loved ones, who knew her best, did what they thought the 76-year-old would have wanted, and that’s why they included her funeral in the new season.

Furthermore, if viewers loved Babs so much, why cause more pain to her family?

That’s exactly what’s been happening in the past few days, and Whitney wants to hate to stop.

Whitney Way Thore shares screenshots of nasty messages from viewers

Since grown folks don’t know how to act, this PSA from Whitney might add some clarity.

The 39-year-old took to Instagram and pleaded with viewers to cease the hate.

Whitney posted screenshots of some messages she has received since the release of the Season 11 trailer.

She also shared a conversation from her family chat where her dad Glenn noted that he read some comments criticizing them for including Babs’s funeral in the show.

The text thread showed Whitney and her brother reassuring Glenn that they had the best intentions as they wanted to share Babs with the public one last time.

Whitney posted the images on Instagram along with a voice message and a lengthy caption.

“I know a lot of people hate me, and I don’t care why…but PLEASE, I am asking some of y’all to think,” she said. “PLEASE remember, just for this one instance, that you’re talking about my dead mother and there is a family who reads this.”

“There are humans who are grieving who read this,” she added.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Glenn Thore terrified by hateful comments

In the lengthy Instagram post, Whitney also explained how much the hateful comments have been affecting her dad.

The 77-year-old is still trying to grapple with the loss of his wife, and after being a beloved TV figure for over a decade, he did not expect the vitriol from viewers.

“The way some of y’all are is terrifying and my poor father does need to read this s**t,” said Whitney. “I’m asking you, just this once, to think about my father and my family. He doesn’t deserve to read these things.”

Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life premieres Tuesday, September 5 at 9/8c on TLC.

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Teena Adams
Teena Adams
4 months ago

That’s ridiculous people can’t be nice. It breaks my heart hearing her ask people to respect her Mom and Family! THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT AND IF U DONT LIKE IT SCROLL ON! PRAYERS SENT YAS WAY WHITNEY! SORRY THAT PEOPLE ARE UGLY AND DO UGLY THINGS! DONT LET IT GET YA DOWN. GOD BLESS YA