Rebecca Parrott has message for 90 Day Fiance critics who call her old

Rebecca Parrott has proved to 90 Day Fiance fans and haters that she is not afraid to be herself and also not afraid to clap back as evidenced by her recent jab at critics who call her old. The 51-year-old just celebrated her birthday and posted a video where she thanked her supporters, talked about


11 phrases that 90 Day Fiance fans are tired of hearing

There have been phrases throughout 90 Day Fiance franchise history that have gotten muttered way more than viewers wanted to hear. Whether it was a certain idea that the cast member was trying to get across, a phrase that described parts of their relationships. or descriptions cast made about themselves, a few sentences or idioms


90 Day Fiance critics laid into Rebecca Parrott for her recent photo enhancements

Rebecca Parrott is one of the most notorious filter queens out of all the 90 Day Fiance cast. Regardless of that being a widely-known fact, critics still lay into her on her selfie posts where she uses filters and potentially other photo-enhancing techniques. The 50-year-old has admitted that she loves using filters and has no