90 Day Fiance critics laid into Rebecca Parrott for her recent photo enhancements

Rebeca Parrott
Rebecca Parrott’s critics dropped judgemental comments on a recent post of hers. Pic credit: TLC

Rebecca Parrott is one of the most notorious filter queens out of all the 90 Day Fiance cast. Regardless of that being a widely-known fact, critics still lay into her on her selfie posts where she uses filters and potentially other photo-enhancing techniques.

The 50-year-old has admitted that she loves using filters and has no shame about it.

The only time she got embarrassed was when she first met her now-husband Zied Hakimi in Tunisia and he showed up wearing a shirt with a picture of Rebecca’s filtered selfie on it. She was worried that what she looked like in reality might deter Zied but he was still infatuated anyway.

Rebecca Parrott’s recent filtered selfie received a lot of criticism from 90 Day Fiance viewers

Rebecca posted a selfie to Instagram where she had obviously done her hair and makeup as she added the caption, “Just a selfie cause I felt cute.”

While she received a lot of praise for her beauty, makeup, and general aesthetic, she did get flak from her haters about her use of digital enhancements.

Rebecca’s selfies and videos usually have filters on them, but followers can also find videos of her without makeup and she even has a few makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Rebecca’s haters jumped into the comments to speak on her usage of filters and photo editing techniques.

One judgemental person wrote, “Stop the fake photos lol.” The comment got over 100 likes.

Another critic wrote, “She looks beautiful because is a photoshop picture that’s what she always does did the same thing to Zayed.”

While another hater chimed in, “That’s a photoshop picture that’s what she always does.”

Comments on Rebecca Parrott's IG post
Pic credit: @tlc_90day_rebecca/Instagram

Rebecca Parrott’s apartment was recently broken into

Rebecca went through a very scary experience recently when she stepped out of her apartment to console a neighbor for an hour three doors down.

Zied was at work and Rebecca had run over to the neighbor’s house without locking her apartment door. When she returned, she locked the door behind her, made a snack, and changed in her room.

When she heard a sound coming from another part of her apartment, Rebecca Facetimed her mom in her bedroom and then saw someone appear at her bedroom doorway. She screamed and thought the intruder was off-put by her being on a video call.

Rebecca then said she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and when she approached the front door, it was unlocked, meaning the intruder had most likely left.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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